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You look So Sexy has a Sexy Beat and Sexy Rap Lyrics. Vibe with the nice mid tempo groove as the rapper Kamal
flows about how this girl was so fine that he went into a zone and froze.

You look so sexy!Kama sutra

I was talking to my mans and them
Like who'se the best,Jordan, Lebron,and them?
Kevin Durant, Kobe, Curry,then I saw you girl and my vision went blurry
my boys started sounding like yada yada
and my divine got harder and harder
I was frozen, as zapped by an alien
askin, What if I don't see her again?
like never, no more, please don't leave
I'm usually not the one to freeze, but heaven must be missing an angelic being
she got me in a zone - I'm perplexed be
To have me this crazy
Now that's sexy!

You look so sexy!Kama sutra

If she dance the way she look,
cook the way she look
I'm shook, I'm ready to read her lifes book
I mean her diary------
I wanna be in her diary
Her history, her emotional memory
like Curtis Blow say, she got me day dreamin
I just wanna be on her teamin
Yeah I'm a boss, but I ADMIT I'M FEIGNING
It's like she put a root on me
I usually don't get this crazy
but if the cat gets my tongue b? That means she's sexy

You look so sexy! Kama sutra

download on bandcamp GOOGLE PLAY and digital stores­o-sexy-remix

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