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Where's Your Clique? by Hip Hop Motivator Kamal Imani

Speaking to youth in Paterson New Jersey at the African Cultural Center, Motivational speaker, Youth Mentor and Spoken Word Artist/Hip Hop lyricist Kamal Imani speaks to the youth and community about the importance of not following the crowd but being a leader and making your own way out of the pressure of peers and gangs.

Kamal quotes and breaks down lyrics from his song "Stop the Violence" that he has with R&B singer Niva and producer Jonathan L.

"Where's ya set when ya wet in the ambulette, left for dead heads singing to the feds?
Where's ya soldiers at when the guns clap, the blood splats the blocks hot you got locked your dogs incognito, in witness protection yo, babies die, mothers cry another funeral, whose to blame?
All you ever shared was pain, where's the love? You spreading blood over ghetto terrain.
It's a shame you won't walk on the positive plains,
time to man up and follow your dreams for a change
you think you build for this?
but at the end of the day
don't let your SET FOOL YOU!
there's a better way.
Stop the violence!

Kamal can be reached for lectures and forums by contacting Mr. Barksdale at 201-923-9213

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