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Dynomyte Films announces the highly anticipated film premiere scheduled for June 2,, 2011 6pm to be held at the Fabian 8 theater @ Center City Mall located in Paterson, New Jersey. UMI explores the untold story of grandmothers becoming mothers again, forced into a life, years, even decades after raising their own. The story outlines struggling women maintaining their extended family, working daily to ensure everything from feeding their grand children to homework and dealing with the new generation problems completely foreign to their own upbringing. Faced with previously unexplored challenges, one grandmother finds that she, like so many others are taken for granted, but refuses to lose her grip on family. UMI highlights a single grandmother raising three grandchildren, battles everything from a confused teen deciding between the pressure and lure of gangs, street life and family, to a teenage girl dealing with the issues of abortion. This is a compelling story of "Mimi", a grandmother rooted in her faith in believing she must not give up and do all that she can to avoid losing her grandchildren to the harsh realities they are enduring

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