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Live From the Hood!
Kamal Supreme ©2012

Reporter Kamal Supreme is reporting live from the hood as he "Interrupts this Broadcast" to give you the low down on what's going on in the inner city. He is reporting from Channel Hi-5, 98.7 Vibe and RBG (Red Black and Green Broadcasting) with some serious hip hop poetry AKA Spoken Word. This joint contains some humor and some sarcasm and ridicule. Listen!
We interrupt this broadcast, your facebook post, skype, text and tweets
with a special news bulletin
Last night popo found 2 bullets in
2 brothers heads
Across from C Town, behind churches fried chicken near the projects left for dead
When she left the train station a young honor students destination was home but instead
she got hit by a stray, didn't see it coming, cause when niggas are gunnin
unfortunately, there's no time for runnin - away.
Which brought Reverend Chickenfoot out of the megachurch
He lit some candles and said "let everybody pray"
Cause this is a pity. We need to stop the senseless violence in our city
Get the people together and form a special committee. We'll meet at the Hilton and have a chicken dinner (Yeah, he's a winner)
Last week on the block a young cat shot a cop
and the cops retaliated
and shot whoever was found putting it down and what not.
But reverends chickenfoot and hogmaw refuse to tell their parishioners to boycott Christmas and easter.
Cause money is the only thing that is respected by this beast a burden.
Yesterday and I mean yesterday without distortion there were 166 statistically reported abortions at one planned parent hood.
And the concept of post traumatic slavery syndrome is still not understood
Please Google Dr Joy DeGruy
And give us feedback on channel Hi 5, Red Black and Green News or 98.7 vibe
For Brother Kamal on your side!
Meanwhile the Christians are waiting for the savior while the Muslims say our savior has arrived
The Hebrew Rastafari say he's to be found inside.
But wherever he or she is we better soul commune because our community is out of tune.
So I ring the alarm!
We must stop the wars
Israel vs Iran
Bloods Vs Crips
Light skin vs Dark
Nigger vs Negro vs Bousegoise
Jesus vs Allah
Amen Ra vs Krishna
Pookey vs skeeter
Shaniqua vs Chandelier
Kay Kay Vs Rahckmon
Because we are one
But yall heard it all before
I just work here yall
And this is my special report
Reporting Live from the hood.
RBG Correspondent
Kamal Supreme


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