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I'm glad I met sister Purify Love, She is serious and so is her poetry! Check it out!
Oh and she has some life story to tell!

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Comment by PURIFY LOVE on August 28, 2011 at 5:49pm

P=Persistence, push, perseverance, and pressure,

A=Absence from negative people, places, and things,

S=Self-less, sacrifice, and sufficient

because that’s what you are, a star,

but it requires,

S=Sacrifice & Savings, minus the steady income

I= I, meaning yourself, because no one will believe in your dream

more than you, and because sometimes no one else is left,

and the only one who believes in you is you,

O=Outrageous stunts pulled by people around you,

who want to be you, including family who want to,

bring you down, or demolish your reputation and take, you, out,

N=Now, move on it now,

be in the now,

whatever the noun,






novel writer,

nugget digger,

national politician,

Neptune explorer,

Nephertiti historian,

Non-Abortionist Activist,

negativity healer,

near-death expert,

Nike tester,

Nissan Factory worker,



and Nice Person,

this is your passion,

what you haven’t found on this list create,

don’t debate the evidence of your life,

you’re passion is that thing you do with ease,

that thing you would do without thinking twice,

that thing you would do without being paid

or offered a high price,

this, is your life,


 Written By Purify Copyright 2008

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