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Old School Hip Hop Movie-Up in the Attic

For these fresh, fly wild and bold B-Boys back in the day life was good. Cause you know... God protects fools and sometimes these cats would wild out. Fortunately, there were elders and role models around the hood that tried to kick the truth to these young black street astrologers, but did they listen?
Up in the Attic is a coming of age story that is based on some true situations that went down in Jersey back in the day. It has humor, fun and drama along with some serious lessons!

Up in the Attic is the perfect movie to share with the young people in your life and it will transport original hip hop heads back in time! Enjoy!

You can download it for only $3.99 on film baby!

Directed by Kamal Imani and Christopher Brown! Edited by
soundtrack features Crash Crew, Chill Rob G, Lakem Shabazz, Paula Perry, Champagne, Kamal Supreme, DJ Kaos and more!
Cameo Appearances by members of the Crash Crew and Zulu Nation also 98.7 Kiss FM DJ Cool Clyde and DJ Cisco! Also Kyss Major
Models/Actresses Xenia Milan and Blair H.
Starring Jamian Blackmon and Ty Saulsbury.
Co Starring Jarred Solomon, Ericka M. Williams, Amina Definity, Tim Ellisson, Perry Wynn, Isatu, Steve Robinson, The Ali Sisters, Kat and More!
soundtrack available on and Itunes "Up in the Attic"
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Location: Teaneck NJ


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