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Unsigned and Indepdent Artists Expand Their Brands!

Old school hip hop lovers will love this funky fresh fly wild and bold hip hop soundtrack to the hot throwback movie Up In the Attic. It's a must have in your collection. This CD fuses some of the hottest old school hip hop artist and songs with some of their newest joints! Artist like the Crash Crew, Chill Rob G, Lakim Shabazz and more!

Special guest appearances and soundtrack cameos by Shubee and Yoda of the Crash Crew (High Powered Rap), Zulu, Chill Rob G (I got the power), DJ Cool Clyde, DJ Cisco, Champagne and more! Soundtrack Crash Crew, Lakim Shabazz, BeenOfficial,RevieRev & LC, Maximus Parthas, Chill Rob G, Koffee, Kyss Major, Paula Perry, KamalSupremeAmen aka Kamal Imani, Champagne and more!

Available on Itunes, Itunes Japan, Itunes Europe and more!


Transport yourself back to the 1980's hip hop era! The Attic was the hang out spot for these popular teenagers in suburbs of NYC. Every one heard the rumors about how cool they were and they wanted in. There were many good times, good hip hop music, experimentation and lessons learned up in the Attic.

Up in the Attic is laced with colorful comedy, youthful energy, real life drama, language and content.

Written and Directed by Kamal Imani
Co-Director and Director of Cinematography Christopher Brown
Editor and Multimedia
Graphics by LoudGraphics

Download the movie for only $3.99 on

Starring Jamian Jamal Blackmon, Jerseys Prince, Jarred Solomon, RawtalentIllWill, Perry Wynn, Tyron Saulsbury, Steven A. Robinson, Ericka M. Williams and More!

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