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New Hip-Hop- Feeling Some Kind A Way Yo

©2012 Kamal Imani TOats

I'm Feeling Some Kind of Way

I feel like laughing to keep from crying
I feel like RKelly cause I wish I was flyin
I feel like I'm slippin but I keep on trying
Like I'm living on the Nile cause the world keeps denying
Another brother shot, I find myself sighin
Our government looking like one big Tyrant
Bombin innocent civilians can we stop the violence?
I feel like it's close to judgement day
My honey asks me what's wrong?
I'm feeling some kind of way
Yo, I'm feeling some kind of way yo

The devil makes bad look good, good look bad, you make yourself a target when your pants sag.
I know you want your swag to be hardcore
But headz don't read the art of war no more
We in a war for our bodies minds and souls
They want to dead us yo, as a whole!
real gangsters take care of they home place
real gangsters communities is mad safe
You'll be dead or in jail if you don't change your fate!
Haterz, I just keep them at bay
Cause yo, I'm feeling some kind of way.

In this world of empires, rebels and dictators
I wish the mothership would save the righteous - kill the haters
But that's just a wish cause like a king I'm a dreamer,
Like Hov I'll be a schemer and get my team up
Still gotta get this cash while this world last
Just glad I made it through this day!
I give thanks and pray!
I'm feeling some kind of way!
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Coming to itunes, amazon and cdbaby 3/29/2012

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