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Investing in Your Talents | Music Business 101 | Kamal Imani

Many artists only go but so far in their endeavors to reach successful goals in the music business. Many don’t believe that they should invest money in their careers and others don’t know how or where to start. It’s important to have the right media marketing in order to gain a wider audience and fan base and sometimes an artist will need to invest in one or more of the following: Magazines, Newspapers, Internet Ads, Record pools, DJ promotins, Television, Flyers, Posters etc… Without putting some money in according with your masterplan or strategic planning, you might as well play the lotto.
Kamal Imani breaks down a few pointers from his Music Business 101 series!
It is Still Possible to Get a Record Deal!
We have developed a System to help talented artists get a record deal and make a living with their talent. We have 40 entertainment attorneys willing and waiting to shop the projects that we give to them.

The way the System works is like this: the artist signs a 2 page demo agreement that says they will demo a 10 song album with D-Moet (Producer of “You Can Hate Me Now” by Nas and P Diddy and much more). The demo fee/studio time is $500 per song. Then we match the artist with one of the attorneys to get them a deal. Once the artist gets a deal, according to the demo agreement, the record company will pay D-Moet's production fee.
Contact D-Moet Productions on their Facebook Page and tell them Kamal Imani referred you!

*The Studio is located in Bergen County NJ (10 Minutes from NYC)
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