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Hip Hop Movie-This Is Where It All Went Down-Up in the Attic

Up in the Attic! A Hip Hop Coming of Age Story!

Today's teens have to make some tough decisions and even back in the day in hip hop's golden era where there was peace, love, unity and having fun, there was also, sex, drugs and hip hop along with some bullies. What will it take before one of the leaders of these popular rappers and street astrologers known as "The Gods" start to wake up from the celebrity hood status and start to man up and get ready for the real world?

The attic was where they would hang out and do their dirt. It was the legendary teen room that everyone wanted to visit! Take a peek into this infamous suburban Teaneck NJ hangout if you dare. But beware, you will find lots of smoke and jokes there as well as a few concerned citizens from the community.

Directed by Kamal Imani and Co-Directed by Christopher Brown (Brown Dogg Productions)
Starring Jamian Blackmon and co-starring Jarred Solomon, Steven A Robinson, Ericka M Williams, Perry Wynn and much more.
Cameo appearances by hip hop Zulu Nation Legend DJ Lord Yoda and Zulu Nation members.
Also, DJ's Cool Clyde and Cisco, Champagne, Reggie Reg from the Crash Crew and Chill Rob G "I Got the Power".

What happens in the Attic, Stays in the Attic!

Download the entire movie on Filmbaby for only $3.99!

Download the soundtrack on Itunes!
Includes songs by The Crash Crew, Chill Rob G, Lakem Shabazz, Paula Perry and more!
also available on Cdbaby

Terrence "Kamal Imani" Oats Writer Director
Christopher Brown Co-Director
Jonathan Lloyd Editor
Andrea Hulse Assistant
Jamian Blackmon Lead Actor
Jarred Solomon Actor
Perry Wynn actor
Ras Isatu
Will Rawtalentillwill Steen
Kevin Barksdale Actor
Steven A Robinson Actor
Ericka M. Williams Actress
Lord Yoda Actor
Reggie Reg Actor
Xenia Milan actress
Blair Honigsbaum Actress
Niva the Diva Actress
Kimberly Lynn Actress
BeBop Actor
DJ Cool Clyde Actor
DJ Cisco Actor
J Krush Actor
Genesis Navarro Actress
Imani Ali Actress
Koran Ali Actress
Muhyi Ali Actress
Suheil Actress
JC The Barber Actor
Tim Extraordinair Actor
Safiyyah Amina Muhammad Actress
Janet Brown Actress
Ty S. Actor
India Gaskins Actress

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