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For Dark Skinned Women Who Have Been Discriminated Against Black Beauty Matters

4 Dark Skinned Women Who Have Been Discriminated Against#BlackBeautyMatters
Black Beauty Matters! Black Beauty Matters!
“You look so good, you look so good”.

So they really got you thinking you’re subpar?
I’m sorry, that somebody ran a flim flam on you for sure
I mean, If I have to pull out my anthropology, the anthropologist named Leakey
found the first woman on earth, in Africa, the Mother of Civilization
Carbon dating back millions of years ago. She was the first Miss Universe
So pardon me if you didn’t know
But you could never be a bitch or a hoe, please don’t believe that cause hip hop or reality TV told you so
When they made Jesus and the angels blanco, they did a job on our egos
Our self esteem, and you didn’t realize that the ancient Egyptians, the Ta Merrians
Knew that black was supreme, not in a sense that was racial, but in a sense that was spacial
Cause our race, has a melanin link to communications, stars, constellations and civilizations in outer space
So that melanin, in your complexion, is supreme
You don’t need no make up or skin bleaching creams
All you gotta do is be your God created beautiful self and step on the scene
With your head up high cause you’re a queen, so rock that natural self esteem, nah mean?
2x And damn the brother, whose looking for a lover that looks like other than his own mother!
He has been smothered by the colonizer’s standard of beauty
He’s been hit in the head, hes mentally dead, he has a severed psyche
I like the butter pecan, the Mocha and the Mahogany, but I definitely rock with the blue black indigo Queen.
You’re most beautiful, so be yourself and keep it natural
A real art connoisseur knows which art to come after
You’re the first woman on earth
The original standard of beauty
And Black Beauty Matters!
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