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Do You Remember Your Celestial Agreement? Spoken Word

Kamal Imani El ©2020 Your Celestial Agreement

Do you remember your celestial agreement?
Do you remember your divine assignment?
Did you forget? Is this why you’re out of alignment?
Do you not remember, making an agreement with the Most High and the 24 elders?
Some call them the Annunaki,
Some call them the Neteru
Some call them the Allahuma
Some call them the Elohim
You made an agreement before you beamed
Down to this planet Geb
That you would be a Vicegerent, a khalifah
And help to raise the mentally and spiritually dead
But did the devil take you to the top of the mountain
And show you what looked like a better life?
Causing you to take the blue pill instead of the red pill
Forfeiting paradise?
Are your priorities in order? Or do they need a remix
It’s the final call
Time to get out of the matrix
You must meditate, pray and contemplate
You must remember your divine assignment
And get back into interplanetary alignment
You’re much more than what other people think of you
You’re more than a mere mortal
Get it right before it’s time to ascend
Back to him via the divine portal

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