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Child of the Most High-Hip Hop Dancehall Remix

Check out the hot new smash hit Reggae/Dancehall Version of "I'm A Child Of The Most High" by Ras Kamal Imani Amen aka Kamal Imani
A hot ragga blend of Inspirational Lyrics, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Gospel Fiyyah! Available for download on the following sites: 4/26/11
Itunes 5-1-11

I'm a child of the Most High!

Ooops, the devil just lost
onethe rev just told me, I'm Gods son.and it finally sunk in to my
craniumFor Christ Consciousness I look within
I pray meditate transform
and ascend
to a higher dimension, releasing all tension
Gods Ciphers
Divine yo pay attention
Revelations reveals revolutions
communing with
Jah is the only solution
Always keep you're head to the sky
You got the
power your a child of the most high

I'm A Child of the Most High

Kamal Imani c2011

Just praise
I was looking around for a mystery
Just to find the Divine in me.
Whenever you get down just tap the power
that's here for you every
second and hour
beneficient and merciful
Keep the faith and he'll reveal,
the answer to you.
Be patient, but keep movin
And he'll put you on yo,
that's proven
So get fresh, keep your swag and stay fly.
You got the
power, your the child of the most high

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