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2012 Delaware Lynchings Part 6: Dr. Jahi Issa Story

In February 2012, Dr. Jahi Issa was made aware that there was overt racism in Dover, Delaware. After sharing his findings with the local community and teaching the history of lynchings to the student body @ Delaware State University, Dr. Issa stumbled into one of the most serious set of crises in our times. He found out that Black people are being terrorized and lynched in Dover, Delaware.

On May 2012, Johnny Lorenzo Clark was lynched and hung from a tree in Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware. According to his family, the police ruled it a suicide. However, based on the fact that he was hung by his own belt and that he was a local barber who had no criminal past or known enemies, the police account is not credible.

Then, in September 2012, Brother Henry Fordham was kidnapped at gunpoint by (2) whites males who attempted to lynch him in Silver Lake Park. He narrowly escaped with his life. He's been working cautiously to spread the word throughout his community.

Information is coming out every day that there have been lynchings of Black men occurring in Delaware over the past decade or more. Some say that over 21 Black men have been lynched in the state and none of them have been properly investigated.

This is a must hear story for all of our people.

Check War on the Horizon's (WOH) website for the WOH Report menu to find more stories relevant to the Black community worldwide.

You can also check this YouTube page for periodic news reports that will be of utmost importance to the Black world community. Tell your Black friends and families that this is the place to be.

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