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YaSsine DJS - "Lost" ft. MNA (Matthew Nino Azcuy)

Artist from Washington, DC known as MNA – Matthew Nino Azcuy released a recent track “Lost”. This song fills the points of the genre called EDM or electronic music. Instruments used to create the masterpiece Synths, Vocals, Piano, etc. the production house of the song is City’s Best Sounds. 

In the 1990s and the early 2000s, Matthew Nino Azcuy observed and listened to all of the finest rappers and performers. Both rappers and rock bands influenced Azcuy during this heyday of music and music videos, and when he was sixteen, he made the decision to start writing his own songs. He collaborated with local producer Nemo to create his album “Diamond Dog” after spending years figuring out his vibe. In addition to being a professional actor in movies, Matthew Nino Azcuy is a published book author and a passionate writer.

In one line artist just proved himself with the song, the beats of the music are so soothing, and it has a punchy bass but is too hard when the music upgraded the scale it fully matched with the lyrics. The lyrics were meant to be in this beat. The song is 3 minutes long and can attract listeners to stick with the music till the end. Artist maintained his scale with the flow of the beats and that’s the wonderful part of the song.

If we go through the lyrics section of the song then the song is about love and missing the person you care about most but lost. The intro part of the song is about how far she is lost and he is missing her every day and every moment. But he didn’t lose hope, he still wants to fight the fear and wait for her to return to him.

He doesn’t want to be alone at night he wants her beside him. The lyrics of the song are not too long. But the inner feelings about the song will relate with many listeners and songs that can be related to real life are the popular ones. 

Despite being an EDM song the instrumental part of the song was not too loud and all the parts of the song are synced professionally and the artist gave his all to prove himself. The song already got viral among the listeners and they are giving good feedback. So do not waste time, just stream the song and give follow the artist to get more hit songs from him.


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