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*TODAY* Internationally known Spoken Word Poet, Actor & Conscious Hip Hop Lyricist, KAMAL IMANI on What If God Were One Of Us!!!


December 14th
@ 8:00PM EST / 7:00PM CST

Internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet, Actor and Conscious Hip Hop Lyricist. . .

to be interviewed on:

What If God Were One Of Us

(on Blog Talk Radio)

with (HOST) Adeeb Shabazz!!!

will be appearing


December 14TH
@ 8:00PM EST / 7:00PM CST
with . . .

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and his "INSPIRATIONAL" show:

What If God Were One Of Us.

Adeeb Shabazz, is a Minister of Metaphysics and author of

"What If God Were One Of Us-2nd Edition"

(BLOG TALK RADIO) (Blog & Networked) (Book Website)


Kamal Imani is an internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet, actor and Conscious Hip Hop Lyricist. He is also CEO of the Soulgriots Music Group and Revolutionary Art Innertainment which organizes and promotes talent showcases. He has acted in the play “The Greatest is love” and the films Goldigger Killer, Holla if I Kill You and several others as well as a multitude of music videos. He is the director of his first feature film “Up in the Attic” which was released on October 1st, 2009 on and other DVD sites.

Kamal has recently published the book “You Got Next! Real Talk For the Hip Hop Generation, which is an inspirational and motivational guide for today’s youth with positive and real life suggestions on things that they should consider as they move forward towards their dreams and goals! (New Website)

Kamal has performed in many venues around the U.S which include the Izod center as New Jerseys Most Talented for the NJ Nets halftime show. He has also performed at Princeton University, Hampton University, FDU, Medgar Evers College, CUNY, The Basketball Hall of Fame (Organixx Soul Promotions), the Poetz Realm (Bridgeport CT), The Bowery & Nuyorican Poetry Cafes and more.

His songs and poems include inspirational songs like “I Will Make It” as well as many dedications to the Sistas (i.e "Ms. Melanin, Revolutionary Diva & Lovin Her Nappy Nappy) and inspirational anthems. He is also known for his controversial "Lynch the N Word" and his audience energizing signature piece "You A Armchair Revolutionary".

Kamal is Harambee Radio and TV Spoken Word of the Year and host of The Spoken Soul Series every third Saturday of the month in Paterson New Jersey’s New Africa Center.

He is a Co-host of the NeetUsa TV and Connection Shows on Cablevision and TimeWarner Cable in Northern NJ.

Kamal Imani's music has been heard throughout America, he has been in frequent rotation on FreedomPath Radio, founded by our own Adeeb Shabazz, for years.

Come join us in the Chat Room and Listen
and Chat with all of us

or you can Call in to listen and / or ask questions at :

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

God Bless

Adelle Conexxions

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