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Reuver, Limburg, NetherlandsReuver, The Netherlands – R3load is thrilled to announce the release of the single “The War Against The Black Lily” available everywhere since December 23rd, 2022.

“The War Against The Black Lily” is a techno song.

It is released on all streaming services.

The person behind the song is Jesse Bisschop.

There will be many more song’s like this released.

Listen to my music on Spotify here!:



A talented DJ, writer, and producer, R3load hails from Reuver, The Netherlands, and is renowned for his enlivening style, flair, and originality. R3load has already made an impact in the music world with his 4-track EP, ‘Dim the Lights’, which opened to extensive acclaim. The stunning artist has also amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify alone in a record time.
When not performing, R3load spends his time in the studio creating his own music, aided by over 8 years of experience. Having spent several years playing at local night clubs and festivals in The Netherlands & Germany (alongside local hard-hitters & international acts alike), Jesse has had alot of time to develop his own unique sound.
His bold and energetic style is represented in tracks such as: “Take Us Home,” “Dim the Lights,” “As the Night Gets Cold,” and “The War Against the Black Lily” which dropped for audiences on December 23rd, 2022. Channeling a dynamic mood and a deep, energetic groove, R3load continues to play electronic tracks that get any listener dancing, regardless of genre, tempo, or style.
The artist’s brilliant singles build towards a cogent overarching narrative which delivers a moving and intimate love story about two people and how they gradually get together better. With each successive single, the artist seamlessly ushers audiences into his world, enchanting them with relatable lyricism sparking more intrigue in the electronic, groovy rhythms.


Name: Jesse Bisschop



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