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Terock battles his “Demons” with inspiring new conscious banger


Demons. We all fight them. Young or old, black or white; no matter who we are, or where we come from, each one of us can relate to this skirmish with the dark side. Forces that push us to do wrong, despite our hearts knowing what’s right. Of all of us, Terock may be the utmost familiar with this plight; and his poignant new banger, “Demons”, distinctly attests. Certainly, the darkness that this Florida rapper has faced throughout life has been unspeakably staggering; however, it is no match for the sparkling tines of this track’s melody. A brightness shines through “Demons”’s instrumentation, complimented by the bounce of 808s, kicks and trap snares. Brilliantly, Terock uses this canvas to paint a picture of his own internal strifes. His voice runs in broad, passionate strokes across the mix; confessing bravely to depression and suicidal thoughts that have plagued him longer than we will ever know. Nevertheless, even in the face of these hardships, this outstanding Southern emcee knows exactly who holds his key to victory: God. In that sense, “Demons” is a four-minute, modern-trap prayer to the Most High. One that expresses his regret for inviting the Devil into his life; and remembrance of God’s power to save him. It is a banger that carries its weight in spiritual gold; especially when you absorb every word he’s spoke.



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