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The underground sensation Gansta Marcus of  Lima, Ohio is well known for promoting unsigned artist and creating cool articles that get music fans to engage with him in various ways.

With only 90 days left of his prison terms, Gansta Marcus will return to the studio for the first time in almost five years. The Ohio rapper was making a name for himself when touring South America while searching for unsigned artist.

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Once discovering E Wade, Gansta Marcus used the underground media services for help in gaining attention to the music they were making back then! Wade career was cut short after being killed upon his released from Bolivar County jail in Mississippi.

"Wade death brought me down, made me start drinking heavily. I put a'lot into creating his image that had to be taken away from me so early. We were all over radio stations, flyers, websites, and T-Shirts. We were going somewhere."

Now that time has passed, Gansta Marcus has healed his wounds and is ready to give the entertainment industry another shot. "Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I may have the knowledge to help get someone heard, but the funds are not there like they use to be. I loss a huge fan base due to my absence. Without them, I don't have a platform to do what I need."

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"All albums including the ones in my vault has been released in all digital stores and is available for purchase and streaming. Once funds begin coming back in, it gives me the option to take the next step in furthering a music career for young talent."

We encourage all music fans to show support for this kind of natural talent. The music you will be purchasing or streaming will be different than any sound you would expect from a Gangster. "We make music for all kinds and ages. From hip-hop to rap and R&b, we cover all ranges that fits your style of entertainment."

With songs like Million Dollar Swag we can help get any party going. The album 419 To The 662 which is produced by Gansta Marcus is recorded by various artist from multiple states. You are sure to find that #1 Hit Song that will sure set any bad mood correct.

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Purchase the Swagg Edition on Amazon

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"If thing workout, I have a new sound and style as a producer I will be bringing to the table. This will be about numbers vs fame. Support this movement, will will bring you the best can give in return."

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