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Rose Coyote Gets Intelligent In The Release Of Their New EP "Clever Girl"

Lydia Rose, lead single and the creative mind and artist behind the artwork, and a man of many Hats such as bass, beats, recording, arrangement, mixing and mastering, Dave Hagan, form the group "Rose Coyote."  And they have built quite a following with their cover plays of popular music.  Staying true to their natural passion for making music, they have always chosen to give the listeners the songs for free download and streaming.  Also including to accompany each single with a "fanvid" style facebook music video, has really kept the supporters awaiting the next release. Add that they just released their 4th project of 2018, and it's obvious that Rose Coyote is everything that artful music is created within. 

"Clever Girl," the new album from Rose Coyote, is a milestone in these musicians careers. First of all, it is their 4th project this year...and not many can say they have done that in less than 12 months. Second, "Clever Girl shows so much growth of these two. From a rise in the professional sound created, down to our third principle of is all original music.

When you build a fan base on making cover songs, to release an album of original content is a risk. Many can sing or play instruments, but not everyone can write a song. And Rose Coyote shows that their talent can shine through. It almost seems that writing, performing and mixing their own creation, helped the quality of the final sound grow as well. But having your own vision, sprinkled with natural talent, tends to not only leave room for perfect error and correction...but plenty of room to expand one's creative strength.

"Clever Girl" is an amazing piece of musical expression. The 6 song EP holds much emotion within its songs. Creating the entire sound and vibe of the project also gives us, as continued listeners, a more in depth feel with Lydia and Dave. Songs like "1/2lb Nugg" and "Badass Id Trip," where eye catchers from first glance. And then became immediate favorites. And then the album kept repeating. And another classic for my listening pleasure was born. With relatable music and professional quality, "Clever Girl" will keep you re-educating yourself on this duo's sound and style. You can stream the project today on the popular Soundcloud App/Website, or download directly from

Check Out "Clever Girl" Today!!!

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