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Remember "The Voice" has a soul...A Message from Zain BeyondWords

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Remember "The Voice" has a soul...A Message from Zain BeyondWords

by Zain Beyond Words on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 12:42pm ·

I will only say that I don't know what it is like to lose my mother or daughter...and it is a pain I wish on no one. I simply reflect on radio personalities and TV hosts who prospered on exploiting the horrific circumstances of Whitney without regard for her daughter who was and is clearly a casualty in all of this. It frustrated me that certain NY radio personalities (who happened to be people in adult bodies with juvenile minds) basked in the suffering of another member of our community.  It was not funny then--it was hurtful and tragic. We may never know what truly transpired in her life--and for the sake of all concerned, I pray that we at least handle the loss with some semblance of dignity. We lose children and generations to substance abuse, molestation, senseless violence, and lack of family structure. There is suffering on ALL levels within our community-- the celebrated and the unknown who should be valued equally as much. When people are bonded in unison they are difficult to break individually. Again how do we bring healing to those who are suffering within our community? I believe that if we value each other equally, then we can alleviate pressures that lead to the stress of unbalanced living. Everyone has the capability to bring something special to this world--how do we extract,  share  and more importantly hold it sacred? I think the best solution is to rebuke negative energy and hold those accountable for dispensing that into our community as it stunts the healing process that fertilizes our evolution of greatness. This news is more frustrating than astonishing to me. I believe certain events in our times occur to stir our spirits to respond to a higher calling because that is what it takes. Perhaps we need to look at not giving up on our people, or  look at our own children or stop worrying about snitching and get tired of allowing drug leeches harvesting the best of our future or committing to more prayer inspired work. Our great scholars and community servants age and die alone and are remembered in tribute with good intent, but really with minimal impact. A prime example is the sister who operated the Liberation Bookstore in Harlem who fought gentrification and held on to one of the richest resources in our community. She fought attacks from many fronts and oftentimes with miniscule support compared to other celebrated community members.  Somewhere there is  lil girl in a  choir raising the hair on the  neck of a  battered soul who drifted in to a pew on life's tide.  Destined for greatness and pregnant with legacies to last for generations, this voice will become one with that drifting soul and all those who praise and worship and eventually idolized her "voice" instead of preserving her soul will cry rest in peace. How can we protect her and guide her from such atrocities that lurk to claim her soul? Meanwhile,there is some young man aspiring to establish an empire. Will we inspire and glorify his womanizing and random seed planting no matter how toxic the soil? Will we say he isn't black enough? Will we partake in or enjoy being a spectator of the devastating  launch and lynch sport that will claim his life? We have lost so many of our people before they even got a chance to make their extraordinary mark on the world-- some of them were denied the inspiration and nurturing to enable them to do so. Their blood is in the cracks of the Chicago concrete in front of a community center. Their brilliant minds untapped and unchallenged are deteriorating  in dysfunctional public school systems EVERY DAY that we expect someone else to champion their cause.  The great save of our universe, is found in the smallest yet most significant mark we make on each other when we take care of home for in doing so, we not only empower, but preserve "the voice" of a lifetime.


I bring this message to you as a work in progress in search of balance in the spirit of Ma'at...I am Zain!!!!Beyond Words.

Blessings to all.

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Comment by Rikki on February 13, 2012 at 9:44pm

Beautifully said!

Comment by Ericka Blanding on February 13, 2012 at 12:05pm



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