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Pologang DB's Latest Song 'Mama Left Me'

Up and coming American hip-hop artist Pologang DB is one rapper impossible to ignore. One-fifth of the acclaimed rap group ‘PoloGang’, the melodic and fierce, highly-polished bars of DB’s sound, are a breath of fresh air in a declining musical landscape of cliche’ hooks, mumble rap and autotune.

Originating from the city of Toledo, Ohio, his debut music video for stand-out hip-hop banger ‘Get a Roll’ (ft. Nick Kane), built on his already steady following online. Firmly establishing the young artist as a hot newcomer along with his group in his hometown. The group, PoloGang, is made up of multiple independent rappers, each releasing music together under separate aliases. They experienced noticeable acclaim following each slickly produced release. Most notably being featured in a top ten list by famous music publication ‘Complex’, next to big names like ‘Gucci Mane’ (who was a big influence on DB). As well as winning awards for being the ‘best group’ at the acclaimed Ohio Hip-Hop Awards & Glass City Image Awards in Ohio.

Influenced by a range of music legends as a kid, it’s easy to see where he gets it from. DB’s, contagious lyricism was inspired by Lil Wayne. Not to forget his highly melodic approach to his storytelling-driven verses that’s very reminiscent of ‘Drake’. With hype rapidly on the rise around DB, he plans to tell the raw story of his climb to the top and inspire others through his music.

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