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New Music On The Way, DCizco Talks New Album #WeCoolYouAreNot

DCizco is a Latin artist that is Peru-based and is rising after his releasing his album, #WeCoolYouAreNot. Back in 2010 the artist started writing music and since has been on his music journey. He was working as a HVAC Technician at the time and used his income to fund the music work.


DCizco had a tough journey to overcome growing up. He attended military school from 14 to 16 and before that was kicked out of most schools he attended. But music found its way to fruition for him.


DCizco remembers his “music story” as happening like this:


“I went back to the song I started writing a few months back, Ven Paca Mamita and contacted Miguel Muñoz to help me finish the song. I presented the song to him and he liked it, he said he had some lyrics that he hadn’t been able to use but that could fit perfectly with my song - and after weeks of talking we came into an agreement to work on my first album,”.


For awhile, DCizco was behind-the-scenes for his peers before he decided he wanted his own career in music. He hadn’t felt comfortable enough to succeed in the music industry long-term & better yet just wanted to see others around succeed just as much as he did himself.


DCizco has been on the rise since launching his new album #WeCoolYouAreNot and eventually as he continues to develop the artist is interested in doing music in “different genres like hip hop, rap, more Latin pop music and romantic,”.


To see more updates on the Peru-based artist, DCizco see the links below:

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