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Debut single from Atlanta sensation, Bogle. This hard hitting joint is now available on iTunes at:…gle/id1024353332 #ShareThis

Lyrically Unusual Caucasian-Influenced Rap. The upcoming album release LUCIR from Atlanta-based rapper Bogle suggests to listeners that his style of hip-hop will be different than what they are used to hearing from the Peach State. For over 6 years now, the Clouded Mind's fellow lyricist/singer has been creating clever rhymes and crafting catchy melodies into real authentic music that can only be called his own brand. Blending witty catch phrases and wordplay with smooth vocals has always been Bogle's dream as an artist, trying to show people that Atlanta's rap scene is not just about a hard hitting 808 beat with a trap mentality. There are other musicians who have stories to tell, different and inspiring stories that people need to hear for a change. It cant always be about the dope, dollars and the dames. Bogle is able to find balance between the external and internal sides of life, and shows it in his music. Already releasing 4 mixtapes and soon to be a 5th, Bogle is ready to show Atlanta and the world of hip hop what his mission is all about.

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