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Kevlar Launches Album 'Martial Law' and Clothing Line' Cold Hearted'

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The old Hip Hop is slowly slipping away. The biggest names in the industry are slowly being left behind, simply being known as the greats. If there's someone looking to bring back that era of Hip Hop and Rap, it is Kevlar.

Kevlar, aka Justin Burch, is a musician that aims to bring back that era of Hip Hop that left him inspired and motivated to create music. This artist is targeting those that can relate to his music because of their experiences.

In his journey to bring back the good old days, Kevlar is releasing his debut album, 'Martial Law' as well as his clothing line 'Cold Hearted.' His debut album is set to be released on Halloween of 2021. The album is full of music that echoes Kevlar's own experiences in his life. His dream for the album is for it to have a positive impact on every listener.

Along with the album, Kevlar has debuted a clothing line called Cold Hearted. The line is inspired yet again by the old Hip Hop scene and artists. Their fashion and style are what the artist feels are mostly absent in today's generation.

The clothing line Cold Hearted is already available to browse through, and the debut album is all set to be released on October 31, 2021. Kevlar has more music available to listen to on his official site, Youtube, and DistoKid.

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Kevlar, aka Justin Burch, is an Albuquerque resident who is dedicated to bringing back the old Hip Hop style. From a young age, Justin enjoyed the wordplay that was associated with Hip Hop and Rap. As a pastime, he used to play around with metaphors, punch lines, and more, shaping him into the lyricist he is today.




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