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Major Moment Releases A Tribute To Chester Bennington With Their New Single "Leave Out All The Rest"

Musicians have always had a way of touching the souls of their listeners. The more emotional the touch of the music, the more loyal the fans become. And sadly, we as society always seem to lose some of the greats way before what we feel should have been their time. This falls true for Linkin Park vocalist, guitar player and pianist Chester Bennington. His music and powerful vocals moved millions both physically and spiritually. An amazing composer who left us July 20th 2017 and left the music scene hurting. Many who felt we didn't even to see Chester reach his full potential.

Major Moment decide to do an amazing tribute and cover of Linkin park's "Leave Out All The Rest" and honestly i believe they would have made Chester and the rest of LP proud. Major Moment completely tapped into their inner musician and delivered the song as if it was their own. Something fans of Linkin Park and Chester Bennington would appreciate and play for years to come. You can almost feel the music reaching into the Heavens, and calling Chester to let him know, gone but never forgotten...and always, ALWAYS loved and respected as a great in the music scene. Check the single out today!!!

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