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Kahlil Nash - "I Can't Breathe" ft. Johaz & Tony Da Skitzo

Rising 20 year old San Diego, CA r&b and pop aritst Kahlil Nash just released a new hit single titled "I Can't Breathe" ft. Johaz & Tony Da Skitzo. This is Kahlil Nash’s first release since 2017. This song has so much meaning to Kahlil. It's undoubtedly his mostmeaningful, a heartfelt song he has ever written.

On May 25, 2020, Kahlil along with the rest of the worldwitnessed the murder of George Floyd, inciting Black Lives Matter protests across the globe. Along with every otherAfrican American, Kahlil was greatly impacted by the continuous example that my Black Life Did Not Matter; and “I toocan be executed by the police just for being Black”. Feeling the pressure from overwhelming emotion, confusion, andanxiety, Kahlil channeled my thoughts, emotions, and energy into a song. He wascompelled to collaborate with hiphop wordsmiths, Johaz and Tony da Skitzo, recording the soulful hip hop track appropriately titled "I CAN'TBREATHE", expressing his pain through song while allowing the song to breathe as Johaz & Tony Da Skitzo speak tothe history of white supremacy and oppression in America.








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