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Interview with Blazed Up Records artist Pop Lodi

Bless The Mic Magazine:  Bless Pop Lodi, how are you feeling today?
I'm feeling wonderful.
Bless The Mic Magazine:  How long have you been spitting and creating music?
Over 20 + years.
Bless The Mic Magazine: Do you remember any of your earlier verses or earlier songs? 
Most definitely
Bless The Mic Magazine: How have you evolved as an emcee / lyricist over the course of your music career?
I advanced big time. Learning and reading will do it
Bless The Mic Magazine: In your own words, what would you say is the difference between a rapper and an emcee?  Which one are you?
Oh I'm ah emcee!...a rapper just raps. No content, no visuals. Just rap in lie... an emcee creates. Emcee elevates the levels of the mind.
Bless The Mic Magazine: Who are some of the hip hop recording artists that you admire?
Kool G rap, Big L,Slick Rick, Nas,Az,Half a Mil, B.I.G. Big Pun.Jay Z, Raekwon.. you know the story tellers.
Bless The Mic Magazine How would you describe the current state of hip hop?
Confused.. wild circus.
Bless The Mic Magazine: If you could change anything in the music business, particularly the world of hip hop what would it be?
Get it back to artistry... savey pen talk. The game going to be the game though
Bless The Mic Magazine: Tell us about your latest project?
I have two projects dropping in 2021 Revelations of a lyricist. And the God Body Album..
Bless The Mic Magazine: What plans do you have for 2021?  
Staying healthy focus.. and to make good music while I can
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