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As we approach Fathers Day, it is important we don't forget one of our most treasured; an intricate piece of the puzzle who has helped to usher us into the world. We came screaming, clawing and whining as we were transferred from the womb onto a cold blanket and a complete stranger cleaned us off and then.... handed us to the Mother. If you were there, you probably made sure you got first dibbs, as Dad, grabbed the little munckin quickly and peered into his/her face. Looking for a peek, a glimmer of YOU. You may have smiled, laughed, looked in amazement or quickly rushed Baby back into the arms of its originator, mother dearest or gran-nana. Or you handed your child to its child bearer. Her.


If you are not a father, you most likely will be thinking about your dad. Whether he was present or absent in the home, his presence, his aroma, his smile, his walk, you either longed to see or forget. Regardless of how you were raised and whether Dad was present and apart of your life, made life somewhat unbearable for you, or cheered you on during your early childhood days, there is no mistaking that Fathers are important people in our lives.


The media gives Dads/fathers a Bad rap, but on The Black Network, we know that your are no more than all of us- Human. Be a good dad to your children, be 'there', get down in the trenches with them and may they never feel the end of your presence. It is the most imporant significance of their life that will last a Lifetime.


~ Queen Nef, Arize Woman

The Black Network

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