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[EXCLUSIVE] Skrizzy Talks New Single 'Drip'

Skrizzy formerly known as "Young Scrap" got his start when he released his break out viral mixtape "Music we can fu*k too" on September 12th, 2011. The project did exceptionally well with, and was even picked up by The Fader which called it "The Most Consistent mixtape series out". His MWCFT mixtape featured such singles as his DJ Mustard-produced hit "Love L.A" which charted at #18 on the Billboard Top 100 tracks.

Amongst this Skrizzy is also credited for writing and recording artist V.I.C return single "Twerk It", which charted at number 69 on Billboard Hot 100 and was featured in "Madea's boo 2: a Madeas Halloween."

Following this success on June 20th, 2016 Skrizzy went onto release his extremely well-received album "Trill & B" which in total gained over 14 million streams worldwide, featuring singles such as "Main Ting" and "Better Work For It".
Now after a year-long fight with Cancer Skrizzy is now back with even bolder content than before.

Specifically, his brand new single "Drip," lucky for me I was able to briefly speak with Skrizzy and really get some insight on the project

What was the motivation behind the song?

Honestly, we were just having fun in the studio. liquor was flowing, we were getting ready to head out to a club event that night. I think I was just focused in on bringing them a sound I hadn't touched before. an R&B melodic club sound. Something I've never been able to capture before this

How long did it take to create?

Around 2 hours I think, I honestly almost tossed the whole song and wanted to try again when I was.... soberer lol but my engineer Joey told me he heard something. he took the "drip" part and moved it to the hook and the rest pretty fun and easy.

Who produced "Drip?"

A kid named JustBeatz and when I say, kid, I think he was 16 when he did this and is 17 now. his father brought him to a video shoot for a feature I was doing and told me he had some stuff I had to hear. he sent me some stuff I really liked right away but nothing that slid into place on the projects I was working on at the time. then one day he texted me and say "I got it, ill send it shortly" it was this beat. I went to the studio within a 2 or 3 days and knocked it out.

Any features?

Yeah, a latin trap artist by the name of "Troopnastyy" his signed to my family at BYI and we record out of the same studio over at Magic house studios. we became hella cool over the time so we kinda just started throwing each other on one another records we have to have at least 20-25 songs at this point.

So what’s next?

more shows, heavier promotion. just got booked for Launch Music festival, ill be in Lancaster PA April 14th performing theirs. gonna make a little visit up to Spotify and kiss some babies and shake some hands. I'm even throwing a little mixer event in April just for the DJ's I my city to thank them for supporting "Drip". and we have about at the moment 10 shows across the Los Angeles area. check my Instagram for all the date announcements!


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