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DJ Tomer charts #11 on Beatport’s Top 20 Afro House Charts

In November 2022, hit release “All We Need” by DJ Tomer & Ricardo started ranking on the top 20 Beatport charts. “All We Need” placed position 11 in November 2022 on the Top 20 Afro House Charts by Beatport.

DJ Tomer has created an electrifying production of immersive sounds, mysterious vocals featuring Jordan Arts and fascinating piano melodies. A unique showcasing of traditional percussion patterns within modern house music is compelling listeners everywhere.

“All We Need” by DJ Tomer & Ricardo,  Ft Jordan Arts charted 11 out of 20 due to listeners being mesmerized by the wide range of sounds and styles the single is composed of. Tomer and Ricardo started producing Afro house in 2019, creating an intricately layered profound sound. 

It’s not too often that songs take off like this. Charting is a high-end achievement that many A-list artists land on a regular basis. At this rate DJ Tomer is stepping into new waters by ranking next to tier-A artist, making himself a great artist positioned to be the next star producer. 

We’re all excited to see what’s next. DJ Tomer’s & Ricardo releases all have us dancing back-to-back between each one. All the way from great releases like “Fearless Fearless orever, To our Fathers, House on a Hill, Alike’ and now to “All We Need”, it was exactly what fans needed. We’re ready for the next DJ Tomer release. Stay tuned for live show announcements on his socials.

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