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Unsigned and Indepdent Artists Expand Their Brands!

Destinee Lynn best known for her lyrical poetry throughout her latest album release entitled “Poetry” has just released a new single “Pick A Side” which has racked up well over 1.5 Million streams on TikTok and over 10,000 remakes.

Pick A Side is a song about the struggles of a relationship where the partner is pitted against picking the side of choosing the streets or choosing his relationship. Destinee Lynn’s opening line….

“Once You Show Me I Can’t Trust You I Can Never Trust You / That’s Why I Barely Said I Miss You Never Said I Love You“. sets the tone for what is believed to be a truly heartfelt track.

Fans have been expressing there feelings and emotions pertained to Pick A Side due to Destinee Lynn’s explosive lyrics, centric wordplay and dynamic flow. In a class of her own, this poetic new artist is heating up and gaining attention notably from Kash Doll who quoted lyrics form Destinee Lynn’s tune “Play’N Wit Me” released on her latest album Poetry. In addition to Kash Doll acknowledgement there has also been Summerella and Trina Rockstar acknowledgements as well.

People from all around the world have been taking part in recreating TikTok videos of Destinee Lynn’s songs, notably Money Bagg Yo’s girlfriend ARI models while listening to Destinee Lynn’s viral song “Play’N Wit Me”.


IG: @destineelynnnnn
Twitter: @bigbanklynn
Facebook: @therealdestineelynn
TikTok: @bigbanklynn

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