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Anxious $oul


Joshua Means (J-Dutch), born September 16th, 1987 in Tampa, Florida rose to the occasion in 2011 When he released his debut single “Yayo”. “Yayo” gained recognition around the city of Tampa and gave J-Dutch a semi buzz or base of fans.

The fans were shocked at how vivid he could paint a picture and visually take you through the experience as if you the fan was there. Unfortunately “Yayo” could only go so far finding out that the production on the track was purchased by ESPN. Back to the drawing board J-Dutch went.

J-Dutch is known for originality, charisma and rebellion. His music touches on modern topics and also his experiences in life. J-Dutch is mentioned to also have his share of terrible business decisions as he has wasted 8-10 years in management contracts with people of who he said were “pump fakers”.

J-Dutch then continued to create later on releasing “The Material” and “So Much Bigger”. J-Dutch musical background started at age 9 when he first touched a piano. He learned the piano by the local church pianist by the name of Larry Brooks. After seeing Larry Brooks put together an independent gospel album J-Dutch felt that he could make his own music also.

J-Dutch goes on learning the drums, flute, xylophone and violin. In the mist of learning those instruments J-Dutch also learned how to write songs. Day and night he studied song structure and music literature. By the time J-Dutch turns 11 he discovers how to digitally make beats online without actually having to play those instrumentals physically.

Although East Tampa was not a place for kids his age, J-Dutch took what was going on around him and would write to the instrumentals of his creation.

Leading up to now, J-Dutch is releasing a new project by the name of “Anxious $oul”.
This project is produced and written by him.
His social media links are all under @sparkadutch (twitter/instagram).

For booking info email him at

Get your next project distributed at @Raphenom.

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