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J.Haynes born Jerald Haynes is a southern rapper born in Houston,Tx. At the age of 3 his mother moved him and his brothers to Atlanta, GA where he stayed until the age of 16 there in Atlanta his love for music grew growing up listening to Outlast, T.i, Ludacris, 2pac, and various great musicians but he never thought about being a professional artist. Fast forward 2011 a coworker of his was a local rapper who took him (J.Haynes) under his wing going to the studio watching the rapper in his sessions play with his vocals etc and then one day he was asked to write a 16 for a song after that night Jay whole persona changed he'd always wanted to rap but never knew he could do it now every time he got some money he was putting it towards studio time. 2012 J.Haynes dropped his first records Tonight and Never Give Up but neither song really generated a buzz for the local rapper and frustration and self doubt started to kick in was he good enough? What was he doing wrong? How could he connect with the people? Questions Jay constantly asked himself 2013 wasn't much more a better year even though he dropped his debut mixtape "All Or Nothing" but still other then a few downloads and reviews didn't do much for the young rappers career taking a whole year off going back and forth between Atlanta and Houston Jay came back with a whole new single and swag with 2015 single "Flexxin" the song got good reviews but the rapper still wasn't getting the breaks he felt he was entitled too taking another hiatus from music Jay focused on the business side of things going to music business school and eventually starting his own label A-List Muzik Entertainment and as of mid 2016 he's created a website for the fans released a few tracks to get momentum going and a new radio friendly single "Addicted" which features Lea Marie and Ashten Majors. As of now he plans on releasing his debut ep J.Y.A.J.(Just Your Average Joe) early 2017 - Video Flexxin

Instagram @Alist_Jay
Twitter @alist_muzik_jay
Snap chat @Jay_Ame
Booking contact me at 832-495-7625 or email at

Get your next project distributed at @Raphenom.

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