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Check Out Anonymous - Lil Cam " Official Video "


Lil Cam " Official Video "


Not many know that the great city of Memphis was named after an ancient city in Egypt and was also known across the land for its craftsmanship and its trade and commerce. In other words, Memphis has always represented a city for the hustle. Memphis, Tennessee is no different than its namesake. A city of hustlers and players. A city of tradition and history, especially when it comes to black music. From the legendary sounds of Stax music to the hard gritty music of hiphop legends EightBallMJG and 3-6 Mafia, this city have gave birth to a new breed of artists. Artist who learn from the cradle how to hustle and flow.

Lil Cam is definitely that kind of artist with a special knack for making money. Since grade school, Cam has sold candy, bikes and whatever he could do to get "his hustle on". Hustling was his first nature and then the music and like many entrepreneur artists who started a label first, supporting other artists, he went the same route. But after noticing his efforts and the artists he supported, work ethic didn't match, it was time to invest in himself. If he was going to play with his money, he wanted to be the one to take the winning shot.

A true businessman with an array of businesses, Lil Cam plans on adding a hit record to his list of accomplishments and with his new single, "Anonymous " He plans to take "Level 4 Entertainment" brand to the top of the pyramid that he's building for an everlasting legacy. In his own words he said " A tru OG once told me stay down your time comin soon , This your season now lets eat !!!

As a young entrepreneur, Lil Cam owns a studio, a digital graphics business and a nail salon in Memphis, so being a boss is already something he knows how to do. But the message he wants to send to the world as the next Memphian to blow up, is that he's "special". He's always felt special growing up in the city known as the "mid-south" and now he's putting all the money and wisdom on himself, to win.

There are people who things happen to and there's people who watch things happen but there's a special breed of people that make things happen and Lil Cam is definitely one of them. In the movie, "Hustle & Flow", the last thing the character DJay said, before the movie based in Memphis went on to make history in Hip Hop, "everybody gotta have a dream. If you ask Lil Cam, he'll say, "that's special"…… already !!! We gone take em to the next level . #LEVEL 4

Twitter: @lilcam
Instagram: lilcamspecial

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