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CAPO KINFOLKS ALLDAY, born Christopher Abrams, is an inspiring artist from Gary Indiana’s west side. Being the middle Child and only son, CAPO (FOR SHORT), started the love of music growing up listening to Michael Jackson. Later, in elementary and middle school sung and rapped in plays, and took on dancing to house music as a hobby. By the time he reached high school, he started rapping in at house parties and in cyphers at school until noticed by a neighborhood rapper and was asked to record a track, which soon formed the group KINFOLKS, a rap group from Ivanhoe Projects in the 2000s. Throughout the years the group has done local and regional open mics and a slew of shows. CAPO has been featured on SNAPN’ OFF ENT.’s “GARY LIFE “ in 2002, then collaborating with a familiar CHILL WILL and P.I.M.P. from the group 3rd DEGREE to make another compilation album labeled “BOYZ ON THE BLOCK” in 2005. From then to now he has been on numerous mixtapes that has been produced by known producers such as FINGER ROLL, DEAD BODIES (BODIES ON THE BOARDS), RIO IN DAKITCHEN, XO IN DAKITCHEN, MAJOR WANG, and MENACE. CAPO’s last album, “STRUGGLE AND SUCCESS” came out in 2016. Now president and CEO of MIDWEST KINFOLKS MUZIK ENT., Inc., He’s since then has opened for artists’ JELLYROLL, PSYCHODRAMA’s PSYDE and BUK and performed at Atlanta’s A3C and Austin’s SXSW as well as COAST 2 COAST. His influences are mostly legends such as E-40 2Pac, Outkast, MJG, Ghetto Boys, Twista, and TI. His Midwestern charismatic flow is unmatched, which comes off as head strong and cocky, yet mindful and relatable. CAPO has the type of sound that can fit in any subgenre of rap, whether it be cautious, party, or gangster, he’s able to put it all in one, and make it a hit. With a Midwest background, CAPO KINFOLKS ALLDAY is a sleeping giant, ready to take what’s owed to him.

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