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BT the Artist is looking for a "Hunny" on his fun new hiphop song with an old school bounce

Your summer needed this! A vibrant, bass-bouncing anthem that will light your next house party on fire. With three minutes of slick rap, and alternative trap production, that is precisely what BT The Artist provides. “Hunny”— his amorous May hit— is the theme song to every romance that has blossomed this season; and through its capacious sound, will be a banger for many summers to come. BT needs no assistance on this record, vying instead to totally enliven the track on his own. Between bars about pursuing a potential significant other, whilst lyrically coasting this danceable beat, the Massachusetts rapper likewise calls attention to his Hispanic background. Beautifully, he spins references to ‘Bachata’, ‘Pasada’ and ‘Salsa’—extremely meaningful dances in Hispanic culture— into one of his verses, backed by a party-rocking chant that frequents his chorus. This style of songwriting truly attributes to the rhythm of the song, gifting “Hunny” a pleasurable and dance-ready aura few, independent songs can acquire. BT The Artist’s latest amazement could easily scale the Pop charts; and if the right hands were behind him, pushing along the way, this East Coast emcee could easily be mainstream. With that success, he’ll be giving the game exactly what it needs: supreme lyricism over spirited instrumentals. Press play, and make your summer better than before with “Hunny”.

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