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Brycejustusx To Take The Stage With New Release 'No Idea'

Brycejustusx is back with a new track...and it sounds amazing! ‘No Idea’ is his new track and it is already making waves.

Brycejustusx is a Floridian rapper originating from Pennsylvania. He has released many songs and EP, his song ‘Drunk’ swiftly reached upwards of 18,000 streams!

‘No Idea’ is a song that kickstarts your day with energy. ‘No Idea’ is a song that makes you want to give it everything you got. ‘No Idea’ is a song that illustrates the potential you never knew you had. ‘No Idea’ is the ultimate motivational track. It reels you in with its slow and ominous introduction and then captures your attention with its hard beat and encouraging lyrics that demonstrate skill, hard work and passion.

The purpose of this track is to construct the tone for Brycejustusx’s next project. The track is an intro after an intro. Brycejustusx states “it’s really a summary of where i’m at right now.” This possibly means that he is pouring all his energy into this next project, giving us a reason to wait for it, hence to click the link below to be notified for the 24th Sept 2021 Spotify release.

Brycejustusx inspiration is derived from American Mac Miller, who also happens to be from Pennsylvania. Their music is not exactly the same, but we can hear and notice the inspiration and similar styles, while both artists stay original and apply their unique takes.

The rapper revealed he aims to grow his fanbase and potentially sign to a record label. “Right now it’s really about getting myself out there as much as I possibly can”, he told us. We may not be able to see into the future but we would definitely bet on this happening, especially with the skill and passion which is unmatched. As I said, we may not be able to see into the future, but while waiting, we can keep enjoying ‘No Idea’ by Brycejustusx:




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