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It’s been said that music is the one aspect of language that no matter what language is used, it has the ability to portray the same emotion. The basic components of it are pitch, rhythm and dynamics where as sonic qualities include timber and texture. Pitch includes harmony and melody, rhythm stands for meter, tempo and articulation.

According to social and cultural context definition of it as well as performance and creation varies. It can be divided into genres and subgenres. Whereas with in “arts” it can be classified into three categories which include auditory art, performing art and fine art. To Indian Philosophers and Greeks defined it as a set of melodies and harmonies which are horizontally and vertically arranged. In many cultures it is an important part of people life. But all are agree that it is pleasant to listen. John Cage which was a famous composer according to him any sound is music which doesn’t includes noise. Usually the border between melody and noise is culturally defined within a society this border is not always same. There is no universal concept which defines what it might be it varies from culture to culture.

In prehistoric period flutes were discovered which were formed from bones with lateral holes. From various archaeological sites of Indus valley flutes with seven holes and various stringed instruments were discovered. Collections of earliest and largest instruments were found from China. Indian classical music is also one of the oldest trends of history. Form culture to culture composition and performance of this art varies and it is compose for various purposes. Usually it is composed for entertainment product, religious purposes and aesthetic pleasure or can be composed for various ceremonial occasions. Some musicians compose and perform it for their own satisfaction and their purposes are not income.

Whereas professional musicians are employed in various organizations and institutions such as churches and synagogues, music schools, armed forces, symphony orchestras, film production, broadcasting purposes and many more. There are links between professional musician and amateur musicians. There is a great difference between performed for live audience and for recording purpose that is broadcasted or distributed through retail system, in many cases live performance is also recorded and distributed.

In 20th century music listening gained popularity and radio was mostly used for this purpose and the use of phonographs was also common to distribute it. To explore new rhythms, sounds and styles efforts were used. John Cage, Igor Stravinsky and some other were the great composers of art music of 20th century. Invention of sound recording and how to edit it gave it a new direction.

From 1950s to 1960s rock genre developed and gained popularity in new generation. Use of electric guitar, keyboard instruments such as piano and organ were used form this period. Use of saxophones and harmonica along with guitar and keyboards developed with the passage of time. To improve and maintain health use of music therapy is also gaining popularity. It is used to reduce stress, improve learning and also to develop self esteem for adults as well as children.

Eloisa Hampton

Music Lover at Secure Restoration

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Comment by AtoMic on June 3, 2015 at 11:14am

Great Post Eloisa:

It reminds of a quote from Bob Marley. "One good thing about music...When it hits, you feel no pain!!!!"

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