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Angel Sessions Releases "Missing You" Dedicated To Her Own Angel

Angel sessions is no new comer to the music world! From thousands of views on Youtube with a growing fan base to match, Angel is becoming a singing sensation on a global scale. Soon a local venue will be a venue too small to hold this angel voiced beauty! With her newest single titled "missing you" that has just been released and is already the #9 Best Selling contemporary R&B on Amazon music, is a heart felt melodic yet sad dedication to her mother who has recently passed away. Angel once again makes it clear that she is a talented and relatable musical diva. Drop down below to read more on Angel Sessions, and stream "missing you" via Spotify.

It's not easy dealing with the lost of someone you love. Many people from around the world have lost that special person in their life. Angel Sessions has experienced this when she lost her mother, her aunt, and her close friend all this year in 2018.

Angel wrote this song about her mother Carolyn Ann Murphy who died of colon cancer on July 20th 2018. Angel quotes, " I've lost apart of me when I lost my mom. She was not only my mom, but also my close friend. She raised the 4 of us without our father in our lifes. My mom was my world. She even was the one who encourage me to become a professional singer. She always use to tell me that she was so proud of me and supported me though out my journey. I wrote this song Missing You in the loving memory of my mom. I'll aways hold her memory close to my heart for life."

Angel starts off in her lyrical song by saying, "This is so hard, but I'm missing you so much," "I'll never forget about you, "and "I'm missing you more" to express the true love she had and how much she misses her mother, as you are moved by her signature harmonies in the background. In the next set of verses, Angel sings about some of the personal moments she will miss and that she will never hear those words again. The music is written by Jeremy Christian aka Yan Banga and lyrics with vocal arrangements by Angel Sessions. Together, both Angel and Yan Banga wanted to make a statement in this new song that will reach and speak to the hearts of many music listeners.

Missing You the new single release on January 4th 2019 world-wide on all major online stores and streaming services is the anthem song for anyone who has lost someone special. The song is a mid-tempo sound that has a catchy hook. All vocals are recorded and arranged by Angel Sessions. The harmonies flow with a rich beautiful sound that will give the listeners a ear full.

Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC is excited to release this upcoming new song for the world to hear from the first lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC. Angel encourages all of those who have recently lost someone, to be strong and don't give up.


For more about Angel Sessions, visit her website at


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