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Ace Burns releases motivational workout anthem "Bossfit" with Exclusive Interview

“You see the haters coming?! You hear the hate?!” They have made a legacy out of championing success. Albeit before, they leaned in a financial direction, with their latest single, Koinda Records is spotlighting a different avenue of accomplishment. Charged by the energetically phenomenal emcee, Ace Burns (who heads the label), Koinda presents “Boss Fit”— an anthemic banger aimed to push the ladies through their fall flexes and winter workouts, closing 2019.

Yes, essentially, “Boss Fit” is a gym smash; dedicated particularly to health/fitness and physical achievement. It sports a spirited, almost electronic melody that is boomed by 808s and trap percussions. Ace Burns blends seamlessly into this See See Beats-produced world of sounds with an even greater blitz of power; delivering a torrent of well-timed, motivating rhymes. Perhaps the biggest gym anthem since Kanye West’s “Workout Plan”, “Boss Fit” is a titanic tribute to female trainers and trainees worldwide. Likewise, it is another push for Ace Burns, and his Koinda imprint, towards spreading inspiration, with zero hesitation, across the globe.

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