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Not often do you stumble across the type of artist who can carry a generation of rap fans. Especially in today’s era, where over saturation and lack of creativity tend to drown out all other noise, this type of opportunity is rare. Imagine sitting in on the Clipse and Pharrell making their first records pre-2000, or, imagine being a fly on the wall during the mixing session for Biggie’s Ready to Die album. The type of anticipation—of knowing you’ve struck gold while the public has no idea—that’s the type of you feel when listening to A. Bellez music.

A. Bellez is more than one of this generation’s future great lyricists, his music stands to impact the culture entirely. What separates his music from the droves of other artists is his ability to capture real life on a record. His songs are cinematic. When you listen to A. Bellez you get the visual along with the stimulating audio. That’s the difference. He and his right-hand producer, Sonny C., whip together hit records almost effortlessly. 
[“Say That”] is the latest video installment to his Album titled Catch Me If You Can II.The video is in introduction to the creativity and wordplay that make A. Bellez destined for greatness. Please share with your friends.

"Discovering the Next Great Talent Takes an Ear for Music and Foresight"

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