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New Single from Texas and Louisiana Rapper Collaboration, "Too Much Fire" by Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana's Finest

Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest are two of the Bayou's smoothest rappers, bringing you the blazing single "Too Much Fire" from their recent album, About Time, released on March 25, 2022. About Time is an 8-song collaboration between the two artists that mixes laid-back Southern Hip Hop with some soul…


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Rapper-Producer ETHANPIL from Bakersfield, CA Makes Bold Statement on His Place in Music in Latest Album, "Fuk Being Famous, Vol. 1"

Fuk Being Famous, Vol. 1 is the latest project from West Coast rapper-producer, Ethanpil. The 8-track project makes a bold statement about Ethanpil's place in music, and ultimately, in the world.

About Ethanpil: Sir Douglas Anthony Beeks; better known by his artist and…


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Upcoming Dallas Artist Evan Blake Makes an R&B Breakthrough With "HEARTBREAK"

"Heartbreak" by Evan Blake is a song about something we all go through—heartbreak—and dealing with it. Evan Blake is an artist from Dallas, TX.

Stream Evan Blake - "Heartbreak":

  • YouTube: …

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410YDB Is Rising Sky-High Very Fast With His Two Latest Singles

The two new singles by Baltimore rapper 410YDB cement his status as one of the most promising young artists in hip-hop. 410YDB's two recent singles are among the most impressive this year. Switching effortlessly between melodic hooks and rapid-fire lyricism, he establishes himself as a natural storyteller with a voice unlike…


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WES 22's "The Game of Life" Is Upbeat and Lyrical Hip Hop at its Finest (With an Old School Feel)

The Game of Life by WES 22 is a new age California rap album with an old school feel describing life as we know it to be a video game simulation. Upbeat. Lyrical. Recorded in Oakland, California. Manifest your reality and enjoy it. Let’s play!

WES 22 (the real Cali kid) (everyday) (fast…


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Daytona Mack's PAIN MUSIC Masterfully Brings Raw Hip Hop Vibes in a Modern Dressing

Daytona Mack's album Pain Music presents a raw real life voice of the trenches.

Rap artist Daytona Mack is known for his unapologetic, gritty and in-your-face style, blending the warmth of old-school hip-hop, with the clear punch of the modern age. Born Anthony Roger, this talented rap…


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Boosie Badazz' Verse on Slim Baby’s "Lost My Mind" Remix Is Shared 16K Times on Facebook

Boosie Badazz is at it again in his latest feature on Slim Baby’s "Lost My Mind" remix. Spade TV posted a low budget thriller snippet video from an unknown source and it has gone viral over the last 48 hours. It has been seen 1 million times and been shared over 16,000 times and counting. Since Spade TV posted the original Boosie Badazz verse snippet it has been recirculated on Instagram platforms like…


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New Blazing Remix of "Lost My Mind" by Slim Baby feat. Boosie Badazz

Slim Baby and Boosie Badazz are back for the remix to "Lost My Mind." This song goes hard, prepare yourself.

Fresh off his most recent big hit, "Period" featuring DaBaby and My Eyes Hurt, Boosie BadAzz is right back at it in the studio with Slim Baby for this new hit single. The original "Lost My Mind" was dropped in 2019…


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Upcoming Artist Repping Vancouver - BeatsbyKEv - Releases First Professionally Made Album, "REGRETS & DECISIONS"

REGRETS & DECISIONS is a very personal album to upcoming Vancouver, BC artist, BeatsbyKEv, as it is his first professionally made album. In…


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Interview with Irish Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter Fergal Nash Following the Release of His Latest Single, "Snapshot"

"Snapshot" by Irish Indie rock singer/songwriter, Fergal Nash, is an uptempo, catchy, energetic guitar-driven tune with a soaring chorus and a positive mood to celebrate great moments in life.

Stream "Snapshot" by Fergal Nash:

  • Spotify: …

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New Album in Support of Black People and Their History by Half Consciou$, "Restitutions"

Restitutions by Indiana-born and LA-based artist, Half Consciou$, is an album in support of freedom for Black people, and their true history. It picks apart at historical and legal matters that have helped to keep us down in America, but with an unexpected majority of uptempo…


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Ethanpil - Welcome to the Madness [New Album]

West Coast producer, songwriter, composer, and rapper, Ethanpil evokes a dynamic truth, and shifts between high energy bangers, motivational orchestrally-dramatic productions, and a relentless drive to get listeners charged song after song in his newly-released debut…


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Upcoming Dallas Rapper 3ISTHEMAGIC Is on Fire With His Latest Single and Music Video, "FAMOUS"

Dallas scarfaced melodic rapper 3ISTHEMAGIC speaks to not selling his soul by respectfully declining deal with the devil in new music video "Famous."

In and out of the Dallas foster care system, 3isthemagic naturally leaned on music to cope with not having a support system. Although, 3isthemagic has been compared to Kid…


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The ZYG 808 Releases a Boom-Bap Blended with Trap and Emceeing Masterpiece Hip Hop Project, "BEAT LOUNGE NOTES"

An introduction to the land of Southcoast Thump & Soul. The ZYG 808 brings that boom bap, with a taste of trap, and he's a straight up Emcee, 'cause he does more than rap. Beats made from…


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Zack Knight, British-Asian singer-songwriter with over 2M YouTube subscribers, releases new single, EGO

London-based singer and music producer, Zack Knight, just released "Ego," a song about a toxic relationship.

Stream Zack Knight - "Ego":


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Stay Tuned for the Release of Fort Worth Rapper, Zach G, New EP Releasing on March 26, "Y.F.N.R."

Zach G's new project Y.F.N.R. set to release on all major music distribution outlets on Friday, March 26, stands for "Your Friendly Neighborhood Rapper." It is full of chill vibe-out tracks and hard-hitting bar-heavy tracks. The meaning that created this project was becoming a better version of yourself and leveling up to become…


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Phunx - FORREAL [Official Music Video]

Upcoming rapper, Phunx successfully launched his much-anticipated album, Home Away from Home, in 2020 in Rochester, NY. The song collection consists of 47 inspiring tracks, which he hopes will help his avid fanbase cope with these difficult times. Home Away from Home is considered his best project to date.…


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"Brown Sugar Thang" Is a Hot New R&B Single and Music Video by Upcoming Miami R&B Singer, Devontaii

Devontaii's "Brown Sugar Thang" is that song that gives an ode to the beauty of the brown and darker hued woman. Letting them know they are more than just beautiful but they are everything and then some! Making feel good music is an understatement for music artist Devontaii and "Brown Sugar Thang" proves that. Not only is the song filling…


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Soul Lingasiku's Upcoming Single Will Make You a Better Person

In his upcoming single, "The Shade," Soul Lingasiku gives a powerful message on how we can transform our negative emotions into something great and positive. He explains that even though we may go through depression in life, we cannot take the good things that we still have in life for granted. He believes his music heals.

Die-hard fan of 90's hip-hop and R&B, Joel Kigwila a.k.a. Soul Lingasiku is a talented artist from Atlanta, GA with a unique music…


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