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Enigmatic and Inspirational Gospel and Rap Mixes: Emerging Artist MALICKHI Releases New Single

With his enriching new musical composition “Social Dictum”, MALICKHI is using his blazing and captivating musical genius to shed light on the Truth of the New World Order in a thrilling mix of Gospel and Hip Hop

Las Cruces, New Mexico - May 10th, 2021 - Sending waves in the world of Gospel and Hip Hop, rising singer and songwriter MALICKHI’s new single retells the perilous times that have been foretold in…


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‘Last Joke’ First of Many Get’m Productions Solo Bangers

Skweeze Get’m Drops solo WOOFER-BANGIN’ Track On his birthday!

Cresson, PA — Friday, September 17th, 2021 — Since the separation of long time partner ‘Cam’ he has been busting his butt to create top-notch tunes. The sound has never been so textured and animated. The track is available on all platforms, through WORLDSTAR’s Distribution it is sure to heat up the fans.

September 17th, ‘Last Joke’ goes live…


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Claiming to Be the Light in the Middle of Darkness: This is Danny Pagayanan

From starting to learn guitar since an early age to pursuing his passion and evolving into a well-known artist of the time, rising musician Danny Pagayanan has come a long way in the musical world.

Warner, Queensland, Australia – September 17th, 2021 – Emerging artist Danny Pagayanan is a true force to be dealt with in the world of music, possessing special expertise in the genre of Christian music. The artist has been making music…


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A Fresh Take on A Beloved Genre: Rising Gospel Singer and Minister, Rowland Sunday Stuns with New Christian Rock Album ‘Community Of Praise’

Mixing soulful lyricism with poetic imagery, Rowland Sunday’s music carries everything a fan of Christian Rock could hope for – unmatched vocals, inspiring lyrics, harmonious melodies, and powerful symbolism.

Huntsville, Alabama – September 14th, 2021- There are not a lot of artists who come to mind when one thinks of individuals who have excelled in the genre of Christian Rock, whilst truly making it their own.…


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Shedding Light on Meaningful Issues through Socially Consciousness Tracks: Talented Songwriter and Producer Lady Peachena Set to Unveil New Single

Championing Stacey Abrams, the new track by Lady Peachena is bound to excite listeners about the victories at the grassroots of this American icon, with the release of a refreshing new single, “Don’t Mess With Miss Stacey!,” focusing on the track of Voting Rights.

Hamilton, New Jersey- September 15th, 2021- Hailing the monumental efforts of Stacey Abrams in turning the red state of Georgia into a blue one,…


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Rising Guitarist to Release New Acoustic Songs Narrating Tales Bound to Intrigue: Tony Mortley Set to Inspire with New Music

With his new singles, Tony Mortley displays his unique storytelling abilities, sharing his talents with the world, as he makes his mark with Acoustic, Pop, and Folk music.

Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom - September 15th, 2021 - Using his voice to share captivating tales with the world, Tony Mortley is back with another single to inspire listeners all around him.…


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Hot New Club Banger Bringing Sounds Straight from The Streets: Cleveland-Based Rap Artist BOZEA To Release New Single

Mixing his real-life stories with eclectic tunes, BOZEA’s new track, “Go Hard for It”, is mesmerizing listeners with unique rhythms and tunes.

Cleveland, Ohio - September 14th, 2021 - Ready to introduce his eighth single to the world, BOZEA is ready to drop “Go Hard For It”- a track that’s sure to amaze his listeners…


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Embarking Journeys of Self-Discovery with Innovative and Relatable Pop: Singer-Songwriter Ashlea Annya Set to Inspire

Ashlea Annya's new single, “Clown College”, mixes authentic messages and stories with country, soft rock and pop rhythms to transport fans to a new world.

Jacksonville, Florida- September 14th, 2021- Melding and marrying together a modern country sound with elements of junkanoo, soft rock and pop to tell stories about the highs and lows of romantic relationships, Ashlea Annya brings to music a breath of fresh air.

With the…


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Rap Artist Blurring the Binaries of Genres, and A Label with A Goal: Inglewood Jones and Vision Records Set to Stun

Shaking up the world of rap and hip hop, Inglewood Jones' genre binding songs are here to help artists to seek up their music and to take the dive into stardom

Las Vegas, Nevada - September 9th, 2021 - A rap artist who knows where he’s from, where he wants to go, and what his path is, Inglewood Jones is an artist who is here and prepping for it. Ready to make his mark known in the hip hop world, the hip hop and R&B artist is a musician…


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Crafting Fusions of Upbeat Hip Hop and Rhythmic Rock: Up-and-Coming Rock Superstar Kid Fop Enthralls Audiences with Latest Single ‘Look Forward to Another Day’

Fans who turn to music for a cathartic escape and inspiration to live a hopeful life particularly enjoy Kid Fop’s work, as he aspires to use his musical prowess for the betterment of society.

Pocahontas, Illinois – September 11th, 2021- As an artist who is just starting out in the music industry, it can often get daunting reading too much into trends and doing your own thing can seem difficult.…


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Blending Political Discourse, Conspiracy Theories, and the Aftermath of a Tragic Day in American History: Classified Evidence to Become Available Thanks to Multi-Genre Singer/Songwriter William Mahler

Twenty years after the horrific events of September 11, 2001, extremely classified information is being revealed to the masses at the bequest of William Mahler, who was involved rather ominously in the days leading up to the collapse of the twin towers.

Taunton, Massachusetts – September 10th, 2021- William Keith Mahler was born on November 21st, 1967, a Scorpio, in Massachusetts, and…


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Cowboy is Coming on Tour to the Town Near You

Newport Beach, CA,— Friday, September 10th, 2021 — Cowboy is coming on tour to the town near you by the 2nd quarter of 2022. The Star-Studded Extravaganza Show is coming to major cities around the world.  Tour information will be on all major news outlets soon. This upcoming Tour by Cowboy is because of growing demand by Cowboy’s Fans around the World!

Cowboy has just finished recording his Album, although all the songs are yet to be released and all…


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Exploring Life and Love with Spellbinding Lyricism and Sensory Poetry: Dynamic Vietnamese American Artist LOLAH Unveils New Single

A talented Singer-Songwriter, LOLAH captivates hearts and minds, as she puts on show a stirring new composition, rooted within her own personal experiences, and imbued with raw emotions and sentiments.

San Jose, California- September 10th, 2021- An eclectic and talented singer-songwriter, LOLAH has had a colorful musical journey, having shared stage with seasoned and established…


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A Compelling Progressive Rock Artist with Immense Experience: Presenting to the World Jimmy Fite

Through years of experience in the field of music, a bunch of outstanding tunes composed, and several under works to be released later, artist Jimmy Fite can be seen becoming the next big hit in music

Livonia, Michigan – September 10th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Jimmy Fite is a rising force in the scene of music, possessing incredible expertise in the genre of Progressive Rock. The emerging artist is well-equipped when it comes…


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Exploring the Enriching and Melodic Tones and Vibrant Rhythms of Pop: Rising Act In2it Set to Soar

Led by Russ Crowley’s empowering and versatile vocals, In2it amazes listeners with the dynamic new EP titled ‘A Slice of Life’, with hopes to inspire, ignite hope, and imbue within listeners a passion for love.

Buffalo, New York- September 10th, 2021- An innovative and inspiring force in the world of music, In2it showcases a uniquely magnetizing musical spirit, led by melodic tunes and varied Pop styles.

Having worked…


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Igniting Positivity and Ingraining Self Reflection through Rich Gospel Tunes: Alternative Christian Rock Band Axsin Set to Inspire

Motivated to enliven spirits with the power of love, hope, and light, and spread the message of Christ, eclectic musical collective Axsin are driven to inspire, following the release of their debut album

Haleyville, Alabama- September 10th, 2021- Encapsulating the spirit of Christian messages, imbued within Rock and Alternative mixes, dynamic band Axsin are taking the music world by storm.

Having released their debut album…


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An Inspiring Icon For Young Musicians All Around The Globe – Rob GEE Proves to Be a Staple for Young Music Enthusiasts Worldwide With His Latest, Most Exciting Music Video Yet

Having previously topped the Dutch charts, beating superstars like Celene Dion, and the Spice Girls, Rob GEE continues to inspire and enthrall with his musical prowess, proving time and time again to the world that his limitless talents grow exponentially.

Jersey City, New Jersey– August 26th, 2021- Rob GEE has been a staple for young audiences, and fans of hardcore, electronic…


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Rising Rap Artist Defies All Odds: Fred Milla Announces New Album Alongside Official Music Video for Latest Single ‘WildSide’

Creating a career in rap is no easy feat, the odds are always stacked up against artists who are just starting out. Fred Milla makes it look like a seamless sweep with his inspiring new album and authentic music video for ‘WildSide’

Chicago, Illinois – September 9th, 2021- Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Fred Milla is a rising name in the hustling and…


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An Emerging Hip Hop Artist in the World of Music: This is Finesse ski

Having released compelling tunes for his fans to enjoy and several new ones on the way, artist Finesse ski is heading towards a breakthrough in the music world

New York, New York – September 9th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Finesse ski is an incredible, rising artist who’s heading out to make a career for himself in music. Possessing incredible expertise in the genre of Hip Hop music, Finesse is very well-equipped when it comes to…


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Embracing Body Positivity Through a Stirring Pop Ballad: Dynamic New Zealand-Born Singer Estella Dawn Stuns with New Single

Immersing the Alternative and Pop world with captivating and meaningful singles, eclectic singer-songwriter Estella Dawn focuses on the pertinent need to reassess priorities, with her latest release “Pretty”. In the song, the artist stresses the importance of kindness in the face of the pressures put on people by unrealistic body standards.

Denver, Colorado- With her catchy and meaningful new single, released on August 20th, 2021, talented…


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