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International Songwriting Sensation JD’s Time Machine Unleashes Soulful New Single to Reinvent Soul in Collaboration with Cleveland P. Jones

“Kiss of Freedom” feels like a breath of fresh air in a time where Soul music needs more listeners and more songs with feeling – Cleveland P Jones and James Day carry Soul on their backs with their powerful lyricism and imagery.

Brooklyn, New York – May 12th, 2021 - The world has missed classy and invigorating Soul music for quite a while. We can, however, thank James Day and Cleveland P. Jones for taking it upon themselves to bring back the…


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Artist Marlon Simpson Releases New Single, “Simple Way”

Soul-stirring, booty shaking, and thoroughly enjoyable

San Jose, California – October 15th, 2020 – Artist Marlon Simpson has released a new song, "Simple Way." The lyrics, vocals, and the bass of this funk-pop track were written and performed by Simpson, an indicator of the artist's multiple talents. The horns section was arranged by Mark, guitars by Art, and drums by Gary. This composition was recorded under the skillful supervision of Don…


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Artist Raul E Blanco And Band Jazz Wires Release A New Album

Energetic, enjoyable, and introspective – ‘Brutal Fairytale’

Houston, Texas – February 7th, 2020 –  Artist Raul E Blanco and his band Jazz Wires released a new jazz album, "Brutal Fairytale," also their third album. The band members involved in creating this album include several talented individuals, with Raul E Blanco leading them. Raul is on the piano, percussion, and as the vocalist, while Brandt Fisher on the Sax. Gabriella Aragon plays…


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Soul Unwired – Expect To Be Moved By Just Allen’s Latest Single

“Smile” is a melodic ballad about the possibilities of love

Jackson, Mississippi  –  Artist Just Allen has released a new song, "Smile (The Ballad)." Also written by the talented singer, this new track was produced and engineered by JR Production. Falling in the R&B and soul genres, the latest release has garnered a lot of attention from fans and peers. Listeners have described the song as calming, relaxing, and soulful; this is due to…


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New Music From Artist White Noise Maker

An underrated indie musician who should be a playlist favorite

Seattle, Washington – May 10th, 2021 – For listeners searching for alternate pop music that soothes, artist White Noise Maker is sure to become a playlist favorite. He is not new to the music scene by any means and has the experience to back up his beautiful vocals. A solo artist, producer, and songwriter, White Noise Maker is all set to release a new EP release in June this…


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KB8 Fuses Soulful Hip Hop With Rap To Inspire the Masses

Making his mark in the varied and exhilarating genre of Hip Hop and Rap, KB8 is sending waves throughout the industry with a unique and soul-stirring take on fan favorites.

Sumner, D.C. – May 10th 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter KB8 is marking his big break through with a series of fresh and iconic singles that fully encapsulate his unique and memorable musical prowess. Intent on imbuing the genre of Hip Hop and Rap with a soulful…


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Riveting Jazz and Acoustic Combos: Emerging Sensation Woody Curtis Jr. All Set to Soar

With a drive to inspire listeners and make for himself a formidable position in the soulful world of Acoustic, Jazz and Rock music, budding singer and songwriter Woody Curtis Jr. is magnetically rising up the ranks.

Greenacres, Washington - May 10th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Woody Curtis Jr. is a hidden gem from Washington, crafting melodious compositions that are making…


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Artist John Dee Releases Drop A Hot New Single, “Shake That Ass Girl”

This artist is all about the sensual pleasures of life

Albany, New York  –  Artist John Dee has released a new single, "Shake That Ass Girl'. A new artist, John is enthusiastic about spreading his single to audiences who enjoy rap and hip hop genres and favor lighthearted, catchy music geared towards living in the moment. The erotic, sensual, and enjoyable, all sorts of audiences are expected to appreciate this new single. However, it must be…


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Worlds Collide: El-Jay and LA Buck Collaborate to Unearth New Single Surprising their Fans

Who said Avengers Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover ever? The hip hop industry has seen some historic collaborations, but nothing beats a surprise team up and sudden single release. There are no better witnesses to the excitement and thrill of such an occasion than the fans of El-Jay and LA Buck when they first heard about the new single titled “I’m That Winner”.

Los Angeles, California – 9th May 2021 –…


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New Album From Bryan Woo

Bryan Woo Releasing His First Full Length Album ‘Less Of Me, More Of You’

Alameda, California - February 20, 2021 - Rappers have an image that surrounds them. It isn’t always the most pleasant image; however, they all have one thing in common. Rappers exist to tell the world their stories. Their music and words are meant to evoke passion and emotion in their listeners, and Bryan Woo is one of the best around.

Bryan Woo is an Oklahoma…


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Former DaBhann Member Michael “Sparkey” Drakes Is Back With A New Single That Is A Tribute To George Floyd And The Black Lives Matter Campaign

Michael is a Caribbean singer who believes that music and its style can be turned at a three sixty if conscious and meaningful lyrics are added to tunes. He believes that the lyrics of his music set with a unique tone and beat will set his music apart. He wants the readers to feel his music but in a unique way.

New York, New York  – Date---------- Michael Drakes was born in Guyana which is in South America but because of South America’s ties…


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Highlighting Life Lessons through Rap, R&B and Reggae Fusions: Emerging Artist HEIDIBE Unveils New Single “ROCK IN ME”

Encapsulating her life’s challenging journey through the burning power of Rap and Reggae, rising artist HEIDIBE is using her unique musical talents to stress over important life themes, while exhibiting an unmatched Hip Hop genius.

Manhattan, New York - May 7th, 2021 -  A rising sensation in the dynamic and riveting world of Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae music, budding artist HEIDIBE is crafting a unique identity for herself. With her enriching…


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A Breath of Fresh Air for Crossover Country-Rock Music Fans: John Consalvo Releases Poetic New Single

Whether the genre is called Outlaw Rock, Dark Country, or some kind of Crossover hybrid, John Consalvo, a most resilient artist – and arguably one of the more thought provoking and honest songwriters, is set to change the scene. His new single “Open the Sea” is just the breath of fresh air fans around the world needed during tough and troubling times.

Seattle, Washington – 7th May 2021 -  Up-and-coming artist and fantasy author…


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Singer, Songwriter, Survivor: Introducing Daniel Leyes to the World

Inspired by stoner-folk troubadour Todd Snider, Daniel Leyes overcomes his demons and launches music career.

Bradley Beach, New Jersey – May 7th, 2021 – Daniel Leyes, after hiding his musical talents from the world for his entire adult life, is garnering attention as a uniquely talented singer-songwriter whose best days…


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Smooth Jazz Musician Will Uplift Moods With His New Album

Jazz Funk and Saxophone enthusiasts will appreciate ‘Saxuality’

Chicago, Illinois – May 7th, 2021 – Jazz musician, D.S Wilson, has come back with a new album, aptly titled, 'Saxuality.' Pun intended, the album is smooth, seductive, and mystical. If music could be sensual, this is what the artist has been aiming for in this new album. Listeners can expect to be seduced and will find themselves swaying to this album's gentle yet rich…


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Dynamic and Innovative Pop and World Music Fusions: Multi-genre Sensation Prince Kenji STM Releases New EP

With his magnetic and melodious EPs “Betrayed” and “Whatever You Do, Don’t Listen To This”, rising artist Prince Kenji STM is soaring through the charts, to establish his peerless and enlivening musical identity.

Fort Wayne, Indiana - May 4th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Prince Kenji STM is a true sensation in…


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Artist Releases New Single, “Be My One”

Upcoming singer Gogo Eke has plenty of beautiful music in store

Corona, California – April 23rd, 2021 – Soothing choruses, a beautiful voice, and inspirational lyrics – this is an apt description of artist Gogo Eke's latest love song, "Be My One." Listeners have described this track as uplifting, motivating, and soothing, a reaction not so surprising considering the artist has intended it to be a calm, emotion-laden, and healing piece of…


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Dystopian Metal Artist Releases A New Album

Dr. Schafausen, an upcoming Dystopian, Djent, Metalcore artist

Savona, SV – Artist Dr. Schafausen is an Italian bassist, composer, and pioneer of a new music genre. Aptly called Dystopian Metal, this genre contains several influences of existing genres such as metalcore, djent, trap, and progressive metal. Unique, disorienting, and provocative, this genre is artfully utilized by Dr. Schafausen and his team to create a different kind of…


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From the Small Town to the Music World: Emerging Artist Dotty Blue Unveils New Single “Leaving”

Encapsulating the polar realities of life, with happiness and positivity (the Dotty side) and the harsh and mellow truths (the Blues side), rising artist Dotty Blue is establishing her unique identity blending together Folk, Pop and Blues in her own style.

FALUN, Dalarnas län, Sweden - May 2nd, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dotty Blue is a true force in the dynamic and diverse world of Blues, Electronic and Rock music. A…


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Rock Music Like Never Before, Introducing to The World Blackie Sleaze, An Up-and-Coming Artist Who Has Been Working Tirelessly for Years on His Music Projects.

Blackie is a passionate singer who has been working on releasing music in the rock genre. Sleaze is working on a project that he calls the “Blackie Sleaze Project.” Blackie is trying to make his mark in the industry by working on new music and working on re-mastering on some of the old rock music that is out there in the music industry.

Washington D.C area – Date --------  Blackie Sleaze is an all…


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