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ArtistPR's Blog – December 2020 Archive (100)

New Singer/Song Writer Hakeem Romance’s Record Available Now!

The Legendary Record is Available On All Streaming Platforms!

Disputanta, Virginia - December 5th, 2020 - The music industry is known to be one of the most competitive in the world. It’s an industry where producers sell dreams. Hakeem Romance is out to show the world all that he has learned in his time in the industry, showcasing reality over a pipe-dream.

In 2017, Hakeem Romance released a record that was a culmination of effort,…


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Meaningful Music That Can Unite: South African Artist’s Motto

Mthisi Creates Songs with Strong Underlying Meanings

Pretoria, South Africa – December 8th, 2020 – Hailing from the beautiful country of South Africa, emerging artist Mthisi aims to spread equally beautiful messages through his music. This strong sense of purpose, and strong desire to instill a deep meaning into everything he creates makes Mthisi both unique and valuable.

Creating music is a way to achieve catharsis for the upcoming…


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According to Mayne, the Ability to “Think Bigger” Is the Gateway to Realizing Progressive Change

Military Veteran and Poet’s Song about Being Unique Is Particularly Remarkable

Laurel, MD – December 7th, 2020 – First step to being big, is thinking big. This is the underlying principle of the latest release “Think Bigger” by emerging new Hip Hop and New Age artist Mayne. Formerly a part of Marine Corps. and always a poet at heart, Mayne has seen his fair share of misery and hardship. However, through it all, he found strength in his belief…


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Terry Douglas Band has Released Their Sophomore Album

Terry Douglas Band's 'Through The Storm' is available on their website now

Thornville, Ohio – December 7, 2020 – An emerging name in the music industry, Terry Douglas Band is a Red Dirt Country band from Columbus, Ohio. 'Through the Storm' was released on November 24th, 2020 to the delight of all country fans. The band is ready to take the world by storm with its country music and compelling narratives.

'Through the…


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New Album From Jo Riley and Don Ahlf

Stream The New Album From Jo Riley and Don Ahlf!

Tacoma, Washington - What makes music so exciting is the experimentation. There are no rules nor boundaries when it comes to creating. Joseph Riley and Don Ahlf echo these exact sentiments with their new album!

On November 19th of 2020, Joseph Paul Riley and Don Ahlf released an album with input from artists such as Rick M. James, Kim Yates, Jackie A. Friendlyvox, Rick…


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PandaSonic Breaks On To The Scene With A Huge Bag Of Tricks Up His Sleeves

Portland, OR — Saturday, December 5th, 2020 — PandaSonic is trying to bring more to the music scene than just music. With a fully interactive VR/AR experience in mind, he is trying to change the way we party, both at home and at live shows. Born in Walla Walla area, disc jockey Adam had a dream. From that dream, PandaSonic was born in 2010. Yoder's musical project turned out to be a perfection of Sound and Technology.

Imagine 2 things... 1. You are…


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Mockingbird’s 'Break of Dawn' – The Newest Edition to Americana Rock

Mockingbird captures the energy and sound of their live acts into their 13-track album 'Break of Dawn'

Frisco, Texas – December 02, 2020 – The Mockingbird is a symbol of freedom and liberty. It represents everything sweet, lovely, and hopeful. Mockingbird is also the name of a rising band, a band that sings, writes, and produces everything from full rock music to meaningful songs about lost love. The band’s latest album…


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Unique Soul of Bankflow Records Prepares the Ground to Release First EP “Accountability”

Denise M Johnson, the voice behind Unique Soul, emerges as a strong contender in R&B music

Chicago, Illinois – November 19, 2020 – Unique Soul of Bankflow Records is an emerging artist from Chicago and has just released her first EP on November 18, 2020. Denise M Johnson, the person behind Unique Soul, is gearing up to make her place as a standout R&B singer.

Though “Accountability” is Unique Soul's first EP, she has already…


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J-Props- The Up and Coming Hip-Hop Artist

Take A Look At The Story Of This Rapper

Pittsburgh, PA - Music can be a powerful way to convey a message. This element of the art form was used by J-Props, and up and coming hip hop artist who has made significant progress in the field. After letting go of his initial passion for sports and graphic arts, J-Props pursued his newfound dream of becoming a rapper.

His passion for the art form has driven him to write and…


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Shane Is Hyped For First Album Release

Fans Will Need To Get Ready For Impact

North Hollywood, California - December 16, 2020 - Pop artist Shane Cunningham's first full-length album is promising a blast into childhood nostalgia as well as great entertainment. "Brace For Impact" will bring both childhood and adult dreams for life.

"Brace For Impact" has eleven catchy pop tracks for every mood and experience. Shane's talent for singing and songwriting has created…


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Illinois’s King Geezy Considers Music a Force Worthy of Changing the World

King’s Journey Began with a Microphone and He is Now All Set to Go Places

Albers, IL - December 5th, 2020 – King Geezy is an up and coming artist whose official entry into the music world has been in the making for nearly five years. King Geezy was drawn to music at the age of sixteen and he has never looked back since.

Over the course of following five years, he went from singing into a microphone at his friend’s room-turned-studio to…


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Tim Burton Sr. Releases New Single “Seven”

Listen To Other Jazz Musical Performances By Tim Burton Sr.

Cape Coral, Florida – December 3, 2020 – When times are tough, music is there to lift your spirits. That is the motivation that got Tim Burton Sr. where he is now. At a young age, Tim tapped into his musical spirit by forming a church quartet with his three brothers as The Burton Brothers. What started as a…


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An Anthem For Freedom From Qro

Young hip hop artist releases inspiring new track

El Paso, Texas - December 4, 2020 - Following the success of his previous singles "Respect Me" and "This Is Life," Qro is back with an anthem for young, marginalized people living through the tough times that 2020 has thrown at them. The new track, "Freedom" hits the music scene with a powerful burst of energy, musicality and lyrical intricacy that is sure to make you sit up…


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Gabriele Saro Releases New Album, ‘Number 1’

Get a Taste of Gabriele Saro’s R&B Music With His Latest Album

Villalta, Udine, Italy – Even at the young age of 6, Gabriele Saro showed a strong inkling for music as he would cover the melodies he would hear on television on his piano. He has used his interest in the scientific rationale to influence his rigorous artistic training. Today, he is a composer and musician who has used his learning experience to create R&B pop tunes, as…


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Two Years Later, Gary Driscoll’s Fly Home for Christmas Remains a Fan Favorite

Gary Driscoll Has Two Albums and Five Singles to His Name

London, UK – December 3, 2020 – Born and bred in London, England, Gary Driscoll is a big band singer who has been performing in clubs and bars throughout the iconic city of London for over 30 years. Having also appeared in two feature films “The Wee Man” and “The Rise of the Foot Soldier 3” as a club singer and in two TV programs including BBC’s “Tonight’s The Night”, Gary Driscoll has…


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32AD’s “Test Of The Enemy” EP Will Close out the Year with a Bang

The Latest Release “Test Of The Enemy” Transcends Categorical Limitations

Winchester, CA - December 1st, 2020 – As an emerging American rock band, the connection between 32AD and music is not just one of interest and production. It is a deeper connection, one that has a fundamental belief in the power of music at its core. This up and coming American rock band believes that music can, and should, be a tool for positivity,…


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16 Time Los Angeles Akademia Music Award Winner Stands Out Due To Originality

Unique Musicianship and His Ability to Generate Harmony Drives Pop Rock Star’s Success

St. Petersburg, FL – December 3, 2020 – For artist Bobby Smith Entertainment, it all starts with a goal and the tenacity to achieve it. Fortunately for Bobby Smith, he had both a goal and the tenacity needed to pursue it. This is the reason why he started writing, arranging, singing, and playing music…


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Jim Burroughs Releases New Album, “Songs of the Revolution: Creation of the Nation in Songs, Ballads & Letters”

Listen To Jim Burroughs Bring The Revolutionary War To Life With His New Album Release

Los Angeles, California – It is not an easy task to bring history to life through music. It takes someone as musically sound as Jim Burroughs to achieve that. Jim is a composer, musician and vocalist, as well as a documentary filmmaker who considers himself a storyteller.…


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Presenting A New Artist In The Music Industry, Rabia Louis Haynes

Check Out Latest Musical Releases By Rabia Louis Haynes For R&B Music

Memphis, Tennessee – November 27, 2020 Music does not have to be complex and melancholic to tell a story. Rabia believes in using positive lyrics to tell a story without using profanity. Rabia is a new artist in the industry who is pursuing his musical passion by bcreating R&B and soul music to inspire and motivate listeners. His determination…


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Robert Twamley Unveils His Christmas Single, “Christmas Without You”

Listen To Robert Twamley’s Musical Releases, Available On HearNow

Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden – November 27, 2020 Robert Twamley believes that a musical piece should always tell an engaging and meaningful story. Although often melancholic, Robert's songs use lyrics with a profound meaning behind them that the artist hopes will help people find some sense of comfort. He gets his inspiration for writing by telling the…


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