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ArtistPR's Blog – May 2021 Archive (95)

Enjoy a Fresh and Original Approach to Music with Catchy Hip-Hop, Rap and Pop: Rising Band Tha Million Dollar Cliq Unveils New Singles

With their catchy and distinctive new releases, indie group Tha Million Dollar Cliq are enthusiastic to channel their passion for rap, hip-hop, and pop music into creating unique beats, while also introducing a captivating new video game and a must-have merchandise collection.

Owing Mills, Maryland – May 31st, 2021 – The indie group, Tha Million Dollar Cliq, is sending ripples through the musical…


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Breaking Barriers and Bursting to the Scene – Up and Coming Punk Artist ‘Lunatic’ Has Arrived in Spectacular Fashion

Lunatic considers himself to be an aura of dark, negative energy and has one escape for it that he wants to share with the world – his music.

Wesson, Mississippi – May 27th, 2021 – It is quite rare for newbie artists to cause a stir in a community as saturated and successful as the hip-hop and punk industry – if a new artist makes an impression early on, you know they are good. This…


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Stream Lil AO's Hot and Hard-Hitting New Single

Lil AO's Newest Single Brings a Whole New Meaning to Hardcore Hip Hop

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Lil AO has been honing his craft as a musician ever since the young age of 17, and it shows. The artist has found a way to blend bop-worthy tunes with powerful lyrics perfectly, something fans far and wide appreciate.

His latest single,…


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Brendan Daugherty's Newest Single "Cocaine" Breaks Thematic Boundaries

Listen to Brendan Daugherty's Eclectic New Single "Cocaine" in All its Thematic Glory

Brooklyn, New York - Brendan Daugherty is no stranger to the world of music, having performed live across any number of venues, clubs, bars, and musical theatre. Coupled with his tour experience, that has helped him refine his skills as an artist, an endeavor still ongoing for him.

The artist most often…


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This Artists Encourages Everyone Never To Let Go Of Those Butterflies, Uplifting, positive, and soothing music by Lizzibear


Vancouver, BC Canada – May 5th, 2021 – Artist Lizzibear is an up-and-coming artist who produces music in the pop genre. She released her latest album last year on December 21st, titled 'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies.' Lizzibear only started writing recently, having composed her first song only two years ago. Recorded during the pandemic, the latest album was a way for the artist to get through her mental health…


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Joe Baby Releases His Third Album, 'America, Oh America'

Pittsgrove New Jersey — Thursday, May 27th, 2021 — Joe Baby has finished and is releasing his third album, called, 'America, Oh America'. It’s a collection of love songs that reflect the musical influences of Joe’s past. The likes of Sam Cooke, Rod Stewart, The Isaac Brothers, Wilson Pickett and many others can be heard in the threads of this beautiful, musical masterpiece. Also included is the title track "America, Oh America" where Joe reminds

us that “…hate…


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Hip Hop Star Jay Konsciouz Is All Set To Release His New Album And To Entertain His Fans With The Best Music In Town.

Jay Konsciouz and his Team is very excited to announce their upcoming concert on September 25th, which will be their first public event called "All double E End of Summer" Concert. Jay is also releasing two albums this Summer (June 18th) and Fall (October) called "Alter-Ego Part 1 and Part 2".

Baltimore, MD – May 28, 2021 - Jay Konsciouz has a unique ability to adapt to new styles, which makes his Hip-Hop Music more reliable to his listeners…


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Inspirational Blends of Old-School and New-School Hip Hop: Rising Band BankFlow Family Unveils New Album

With a unique and enriching vibe, budding musical group BankFlow Family are set to motivate listeners, melding together Old-School and New-School Hip Hop and R&B rhythms, with the release of their stirring new album “Music Reborn”.

Chicago, Illinois – May 28th, 2021 – Taking the dynamic, varied, and fast-paced world of Hip Hop and R&B by storm, up-and-coming band BankFlow Family are on the…


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A Singer Trying to Make His Mark in The Music World, Introducing to The World A Rock Experimental Singer, SEÑOR GZO.

Señor Gzo is a rising singer who believes in making extraordinary music that is unique and holds no definitive style. Señor Gzo is a fan of musical sensations and loves making music of all styles in the rock, experimental and alternative genre.

Santiago, Metropolitan, Chile – May 28, 2021 – Señor Gzo is a rising singer in the music world, he has released his first album on March 30, 2021. SEÑOR GZO’s first namesake album included a music…


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90’s Legends Converge for Dynamic and Uplifting Electronic Hit: Rising Artist DJ DMC Unveils New Single

With the release of his upcoming collaborative track “Stuntman Sez”, budding sensation DJ DMC is empowering listeners to keep pushing ahead and beating all odds that stand in their way.

Detroit, Michigan – May 28th, 2021 – An up-and-coming singer and songwriter, DJ DMC is a budding sensation who is driven to inspire and excite listeners with a dynamic new single titled “Stuntman Sez”,…


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The Pandemic has Changed the World Drastically and Encouraged Pop and Rock Singer and Songwriter Brad Noe to Make a Comeback in the Music Industry

Busy with life, Brad did not have the time to write music for quite a few years. With so much extra time during the pandemic, his friend and a renowned musician, Jason Starkey, teamed up with Brad for a project which has resulted in some great songs. People of all ages have been enjoying the music. Hence, Brad has decided to continue his music dream and make more music for his fans.

Seattle, Washington - May 31st, 2021 - The pandemic has been…


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Tune into Discomfort Underneath Production's Very Catchy Hit Song

Discomfort Underneath Production's Latest Single is Swoon-Worthy with a Great Hook and Equally Great Lyrics

Austin, Texas - Discomfort Underneath Production may be among the newer producers on the block, but their production value gives a much different impression. They have been working with budding talents to bring listeners music that is equal parts catchy and…


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Stirring and High-Energy Urban Sounds of the World: Rising Artist GBDIX Set to Enthrall and Excite Listeners

With fiery, captivating, and rich vocal and lyrical genius, budding singer, and songwriter GBDIX is driven to establish himself as a Rap and World artist. Inspired by a pure and unparalleled love for music, the artist is ready to win hearts and souls.

Montmorency, val d'oise, France – May 27th, 2021 – Up-and-coming sensation, GBDIX is a promising name in the rich and electric realm of World and Hip-Hop music. Crafting unique compositions,…


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At Ease New Solo Piano Music By Craig Urquhart

Music composed and performed by Craig Urquhart

Label: Heart Earth Music

Berlin, BERLIN - AT EASE, is a continuation of Craig Urquhart’s lifelong exploration of what solo piano music can express emotionally through tonal harmony. This is Craig’s 11th album of original solo piano compositions performed by the composer himself.

The music in this collection was composed during 2020, a year overshadowed by COVID-19 and…


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Reinventing the Humble Instrument: Rising Cuban Trumpeter Jorge Ceruto Shines in His Newest, Most Ambitious Album

Em apenas seu segundo álbum, o multitalentoso prodígio da música cubana Jorge Ceruto, fecha a crítica e lembra os ouvintes de sua agitada energia musical e do formidável domínio que exerce sobre seu instrumento.…


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LONZ first single "Buss Down" Has Over 1.5M Streams in a month! New Single "100" JUST RELEASED May 21st!

Virginia Beach, VA - R&B and hip hop artist LONZ recently released his new single “100” to all streaming platforms, as well as its lyric video via Gold Drip Music. Digital Journal has the scoop.

The new song “100” is upbeat and vivacious; morever, it helps provide an escape during these trying times.

LONZ, who has lived in Delaware since he was seven, draws inspiration for his music from artists like Michael Jackson, Trey Songz and Boyz II Men. His…


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Christian Customized Songwriter Mike McCracken has been writing customized songs most of his life helping People

Phoenix, AZ -  Customizedsongwriter Mike McCracken has been given a God given talent with a heart to match. He traveled the world writing songs, preaching and teaching while entertaining and singing his songs. He considers the world to be his stage and classroom. Being overly creative, Mike thinks very different than the world. He travels a different path for God. He has given Mike a life of travel and adventure never staying in the same place more than three years.…


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Acoustic and Alternative Rhythms Echoing Daniel Johnston: Outsider Artist and Sensation Andrew Neil Unveils New Album

Encompassing listeners with a soft, mellow, and loving echo, budding Outsider artist and singer AndrewNeil is driven to win souls with his new album “Sunny Side”, drawing a parallel to the work of Outsider artist Daniel Johnston.

Charlottesville, Virginia – May 25th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Andrew Neil is becoming a stirring force in the world of Alternative and Outsider…


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New Single From Rapper Pastor Nate feat. Nicholas Preston

Pastor Nate Releasing Remake Of “How Great Thou Art” On May 27, 2021

Los Angeles, California - May 25, 2021 - Rap and Christianity are commonly viewed as opposite ends of a spectrum. However, the most conventional can often come together in ways nobody could predict. Pastor Nate does the unconventional every day with his music.

A pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, he is making strides in the rap industry. A…


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Original Independent Music Label, Not OK Music, Is Bound To Impress

Dub, dark ambient, electronica, and several other eclectic sounds to be found

Steubenville, Ohio – May 25th, 2021 – For listeners searching for dark and refreshing alternative music, the label Not OK Music has some very fascinating releases lined up. This emerging independent music label emphasizes creative music expression and lets the artists' and the listeners' imaginations run free. Although quite distinctive in its compositions, the…


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