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ArtistPR's Blog – January 2021 Archive (71)

Breaking The Monotony With Darker Shades, Shade SNO To Release Her Debut EP

Shade SNO's Debut EP, The Shadow's Path, To Be Released in January 2021

Washington, D.C. - January 13, 2021 - Get ready to witness life through shades you have never seen before with Shade SNO’s debut album, ‘The Shadow’s Path’. While the mainstream stresses on the lighter tones, darker shades are often neglected and suppressed. Against this notion, Shade SNO, an independent rock artist, is set to release her controversial…


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Malachi Fyerstar Is All Set To Be Cleveland’s Finest Rising Dance and Hip Hop Sensation

Malachi Fyrestar is an up-and-coming talent powerhouse who is set to surprise and inspire people with his stunning and hip Dance and Hip Hop fused tracks which offer a powerful message to all those looking for some life-changing experience.

Miami, FL – January 14th, 2021- Rising Hip Hop and Dance music maestro Malachi Fyrestar is an entertainer through and through. With his stunning and powerful musical compositions, he is now all set to…


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Adam John’s New Album “Run From Love” Consists of Soulful R&B Music that Stire

With his stunning grasp over R&B and Modern Soul Music, Adam John is all set to inspire and motivate listeners with relatable, strong and stunning musical compositions that speak to the heart and mind

Hollidaysburg, PENN –January 14th, 2021- Up-and-coming powerhouse, talented songwriter and producer of RnB music, Adam John is surely a force to be reckoned with. Having recently released his latest official album titled “Run From Love”, his…


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Key Loch Releases New Single, “Where Is The Love”

Listen To Key Loch’s Debut Single Out Now

Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia – Key Loch produces great music that will captivate listeners and tap into their minds. The unlock the musical musical doorsways to you mind with infectious melodies and great songs.

This duo act consists of Damien Reilly and Justin Gross, “Where Is The Love” is the debut release by the two music masters,…


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David Powell and the Speekers: Rising Sensation of New Age and Alternative Music

One of the few newcomers who mix and produce stunning tracks that encompass the best beats of Rock and New Age Alternative music, David Powell is a top-tier stunning powerhouse of the modern genres

Doha, Qatar – February 15th, 2021- David Powell and the Speekers are all set to produce and release their fresh new album titled “Here in Skin” which consists of 9 stunning and splendid tracks that are bound to inspire and motivate fans of the…


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Introducing Kerry Hettick, Construction Company Owner Turned Musician

Look Out for Kerry Hettick’s Latest R&B and Rap Music

Lincoln, Nebraska – January 12, 2021 – Kerry Hettick, the owner of a construction company, never gave a thought to the idea of singing. Once he did, he has been dedicated to making a name for himself as a musician.

In less than a month, Kerry has come out with four singles, each one being more experimental than the other. These singles are “Lost Touch”…


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Lion-earth has Entered the Alternative Rock Music World with a Debut Album that is a Force to be Reckoned With

With his rich and unparalleled musical compositions that reflect the authentic spirit of alternative rock music and the grace and aesthetic of Tasmania, Richard Evetts is a rising new sensation who is set to headline charts in the near future

Wynyard, Tasmania – January 8th, 2021 – Taking the musical world of Alternative Rock by storm, Lion-earth has released a debut album which fully encapsulates the spirit and roots of the rock and Indie…


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Keez MC Releases New Music Project, ‘What The F**k Is A Two Song E.P?’

Check Out Keez MC’s Latest Hip-Hop and Rap EP

Reno, Nevada – Keez MC is a hip-hop rap artist coming to listeners from the happening and active music scene in Nevada. Keez believes in originality and non-conforming lyrics that use fresh hip-hop sounds to create something excitable and dance club-worthy for listeners.

‘What The F**k Is A Two Song E.P?’ is Keez’s latest music project that contains two songs, as clearly said in the album…


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The PopBrokers Release New Single, “3 Words”

Check out The PopBrokers and Their Latest Collaboration With Wes Quave

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – January 8, 2021 - The PopBrokers was started by Anthony Cruze as a supergroup to shake the music industry. Anthony brings to this musical act, years of experience creating chart-topping remixes and talent that got him gigs like the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games ceremony in Rio.

“3 Words” is The PopBrokers’ new…


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New Album From Charles Grigsby

New Music Album: “Hindsight” by Charles Grigsby

Schaumburg, Illinois - Life takes many different twists and turns. It opens up a wide variety of opportunities, and it is up to the person to seize them. The journey of life is by no means effortless, but Charles Grigsby has taken his experiences and made music out of them.

Charles Grigsby is an Oberlin born singer-songwriter who made it to the finals of American Idol Season 2. He has…


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Jason Cropper Releases His New Single

Humble Shack - The Latest Single By Jason Cropper Out Now!

Oakland, California – Jason Cropper who rose to fame since his days in Weezer, a popular alternative punk rock band. While Jason Cropper made switches in his music career, he still has managed to leave a significant mark throughout. His fan base, particularly of his raw alternative rock style, has relished some of his finest creations from time to time.

From original rhythm…


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Co2chad Delivers Several New Singles Including A Major Diss Track 

New Hip Hop Music Available Now 


San Diego, California - January 4, 2021 - With the world on pause, many found it hard to move forward in 2020. That does not include Co2chad though. This fierce hip hop artist out of Southern California has released not one, not two, not even three but several new singles this year.  Co2chad released 21…


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New Album From Victor Chukwu

Gospel Album "My Helper" Released January 3!

Lawrenceville, Georgia - December 31, 2020 - Faith is incredibly important to many. It has changed lives in the best of ways. The people of the church are always trying to spread the word of Jesus to reach different people. Victor Chukwu is one of many trying to do his part; only he uses music.

Victor Chukwu has had music and God play a big role in his life. From church choirs to…


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DeDrinique Barnes is the World’s Next Big Pop and R&B’s Hot and Viral Sensation

Spinning magic with humility and aesthetic into her musical compositions, this fresh new voice to the genres of Pop is one that is bound to immerse listeners fully into her ambitious and soulful musical pieces

Panama City, Florida  – January 5th, 2021 - With gospel roots and now creating ripples in the Pop scene, DeDrinique is an iconic new addition to the world of music. Armed with a viral stock of compositions, DeDrinique’s music culminates…


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New Album Titled “Subjective” Released By H+

Check Out This Exciting Mini Album Released by H+ Titled “Subjective”

Warwick, Bermuda – “Subjective” is the newest album released by H+ on December 18th, 2020. This mini-album consists of 8 tracks by the artist. The artist wishes to express the philosophy of existentialism in his music.

The listener can interpret all the tracks of the album “Subjective” in their own way. There is no correct way to interpret this music. So, it leaves a…


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Blake Red Is Audible Proof That Music Truly Matters – Her Debut EP is out now!

Lake Forest, Illinois - With a spectacularly explosive sound and something truly genuine to say – Blake Red is set to detonate and break the internet with a gripping debut EP. Shining a bright light on the darkness of depression in incredibly bold ways that prove just how unafraid she is to speak her mind and lead the way to a better tomorrow for us all – S.O.S Songs…


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RAYCHILLOUT Releases New Single, “Tropical Vibe”

Listen to RAYCHILLOUT’s Latest Tropical House Single

Sarcelles, Val d'Oise, France – Ever since he was 13 years old, RAYCHILLOUT has kept himself busy making compositions that will put any listener in a relaxed mood. The composer has come far, creating music that fuses elements of deep house, EDM, and tropical music.

“Tropical Vibe” is RAYCHILLOUT’s new single. It gives the listeners a taste of the artist’s style of mixing and…


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Kappa Carter Releases New Album - 'Most Improved'

New Album By Kappa Carter - 'Most Improved' Now Available On Major Streaming Platforms!

Prattville, Alabama - Kappa Carter, a hip-hop artist released his new album, 'Most Improved', on October 30, 2020. He keeps his songs real as well as positive to display his endless hope for the world and the people. Having himself struggled with addiction, he takes this negative aspect of his life to inspire others and show them the light.

In his…


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Lou Jefe is the World’s Next Best Hip-Hop and Rap Rising Sensation

With an iconic grasp over the genres of Rap and Trap Music, Lou Jefe is the ultimate newcomer set to redefine the very bounds of music with a horde of stunning musical compositions and projects lined to be presented

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - An up-and-coming artist who is set to change the course of Rap and Hip Hop with welcome musical re-definition, Lou Jefe is the best kept secret of Milwaukee. The talented and phenomenal musician and producer…


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Fray-Check Is All Set to Ignite Authentic Alternative and Pop Vibes

Already armed with multiple releases and singles that have shot this artist to fame and success, Fray-Chek continues to inspire and surprise with his stunning and rich musical compositions that promise to fuse the best of diverse genres

Seattle, Washington – January 6th, 2021- Fray-Chek is an up-and-coming fresh new singer-songwriter who is all ready to become the next force to be reckoned with in the world of Alternative and Pop music.…


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