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December 2012 Blog Posts (6)

Quantum Leap Into Your Future! Youth Mentor and Motivational Speaker Kamal Imani

This video will help you to contemplate on your future career and academics. Motivational speaker and youth mentor Kamal Imani dialogs with youth and community leaders at the Westfield Neighborhood Community Center in New Jersey. Kamal points out the need to get started early on academic major and career focus in today's economic environment. By researching, focusing… Continue

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Kamal Imani Bio 2013

Kamal Imani Bio

Kamal Imani is an internationally known spoken word performance poet, conscious hip hop lyricist, Television and Showcase Host and Lecturer. Kamal has toured the eastern coast of the United States. His full time profession is a teacher of children and teenagers with special needs and who are considered “at risk”. Being born in Harlem New York and raised in the Bronx New York as well as Teaneck New Jersey by a single mother, Kamal identifies with urban youth and young…


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Be On Bless the Mic TV!

For Artist and entertainers looking for live, television and internet exposure as well as networking and promotion, join our mailing list by signing up on BlesstheMicMagazine online @, Facebook “Kamal.Imani” or attend some of our open mic events. We also have live in studio TV tapings at the Time Warner Fios Studios in New Jersey.



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Hip Hop Film For Youth Organizations! "Up In the Attic"

Up in the Attic! A Hip Hop Coming of Age Story!

Today's teens have to make some tough decisions and even back in the day in hip hop's golden era where there was peace, love, unity and having fun, there was also, sex, drugs and hip hop along with some bullies. What will it take before one of the…


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Where's Ya Set? Hip Hop Lyrics for My Thugs!

Where’s Ya Set?

Hip Hop Lyrics For My Thugs

Where’s Ya Set When your wet in the ambulette?

Left for dead, heads singing to the feds, where’s ya soldiers at when the guns clap, the blood splats

The blocks hot, you got locked, your dogs incognito

In witness protection yo

Babies die, mother’s cry another funeral

Who’s to blame? All you ever shared was pain

Where’s the love? You spreadin blood over ghetto terrain

It’s a shame you won’t walk on the…


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Independent and unsigned emerging artist sign up…


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