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May 2011 Blog Posts (13)

To All the Brave Men and Women

Special shout out to all the Brave men and women who fought for our country, and others, so we can have the Freedom to say and do what we please as artists/people. You are to be honored with dignity. Because of you, we can do what we do, with liberty.

For the Brave women and…

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Bless The Mic Radio Podcast! "Just A Taste of the future!" Spoken Word & Soul!

Bless the Mic Radio Mix "Just a Taste of Bless The Mic"

Part 1

A spoken word and soul lovers unique blend of conscious music and poetic vibrations.


1. When the Revolution Comes* The Last Poets

2. Armchair Revolutionary- Kamal Imani

3.Constelations of Astrology by Osmosis

4.Whatusayinis- Koffee

Mixed… Continue

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Music Video Submission for Bless the Mic Televsion

Bless the Mic Televsion airs on MNN (Manhattan Neigborhood Network) in NYC as well as Cablevision channel 72 in Bergen County NJ and Time Warner Cable in Northern NJ (Bergen County) as well as the internet. We are in the process of expanding our…


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I Still Remember

Chocolate brown complexion…sweetness

everyone adored her smiling confection

Beautiful! The most beautiful girl

I’ve ever seen…to this day; in dreams

I still hold her close in nostalgic scenes

I still remember Yolanda

I can still smell her minty sighs

hear her youthful laughter, trickle

down my nervous, teenage spine

when she looked deep in my eyes

made my heart leap for miles…and miles

With a wit as sharp as a diamond

her… Continue

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The Awakening



Joy hibernates soundly…


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Let's Network, Promote, Unite and Rise! $ucce$$



We have a lot of extremely talented and connected people that are joining us and we appreciate all of you.

Please feel free to network, post blogs, videos, pictures, radio podcast etc.... and let people know about your personal websites and businesses.

Our goal for Bless the Mic is for everyone to be successful and form and generate a large…


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Hood Drama//Tweaked

When the dealers on the corner

got jokes about the users

(customers of the game)

Call em` bustahs and abusers

It’s all bout money; no names

When the dick-suckers in the alley

start laughing and giggle madly

that means another playa… Continue

Added by Jon` B. Crenshaw on May 9, 2011 at 1:48pm — 2 Comments


This is a piece I wrote after Hurricane Katrina…


Can you believe this shit!?!

Three years later, people still living in F.E.M.A. trailers!

Can you believe this shit!?!

Billions of dollars were appropriated

To get things right, get everything situated

But, here… Continue

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Get more Fans with Headliner FM! (Free)

Hey, I found this site,, it's a great way to get more fans by trading promotions with other bands. I'm already on the site, so get on it and we can run some promotions together. Sign up now and we'll both get 1x Band Bucks for every social media fan you already have!…


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Send Us Your Videos For New TV Show!

Bless the Mic Magazine will soon be developing a live TV show that will air on various cable and public access networks in the NYC/NJ area as well as nationally and the internet. We will start off with promotional shows with footage that we already have to get the word…


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Introducing.... Karma

I heard this young lady on one of my Friends page, and was very impressed with her risque poetry.  This sistah is bad.  You DO NOT have to have a account to listen to this sistah.

 ........ Introducing, …


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Osama Bin Laden Dead & 9/11 Still Mystery - Podcast

Facebook - Twitter - Myspace - Black Planet

Everyone has heard by…


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